Let's Shun The Blame Game And Face Reality

Deepening shade has saddened us everywhere, sweeping us off our feet and draining us, quenching our light and making us sweat and pant. Nothing pleasant anymore, just a bunch of crazy events that make the pulses beat so loud and dreary and leave a strain of sorrow floating around and, in turn, distance us from a prosperous course. Crying of the end of time rouses the sleeping citizen and breaks the land's, mighty heart.

How peaceful and safe this country used to be, but has now become a little-known history, making masses hoping that a wish could make those few pleasant days appear again and make our unbound spirit into bonds again. All hope has not been lost yet; we are still hoping that time will restore those happy hours, for all to be free from this topsy-turvy situation, cruel as hell, which brings us to the ceaseless fray we all find ourselves in. 

Ours is now a country where politicians use private money as their piggy banks, and prior to them being elected, they would promise the masses heaven on earth, but instead of fulfilling these promises, they not only pollute the air but the whole political atmosphere with their failure to serve others. We masses have been shunned and disrespected, and erased from the things we are entitled to. We are constantly living in default survival mode, so dreaming is a privilege and an allowance we haven't been able to afford.

The price of everything rose astronomically and is yet to dismount to an affordable level. To say that the Nigerian economy is facing imminent recession is a gross understatement. The economic situation of the country is something out of the ordinary, very worst to nothing to compare with. The future of tomorrow now wanders about the street, staggering like a labored woman as life slowly evaporates out of them. Constantly feeling hungry, for they had not a morsel of food to eat. No one cares whether they roast or not, they flow inward without control like a river that lost its source. 

There is already a heightening insecurity and an economic stagnation caused by the deep waste that had been created by many years of administrative inefficiency. The unemployed were hungry; even the workers often cried out for salaries. Farmers were being chased from their farms; the school children had been out of school since February, and kidnapping had gradually become a legit business. 

Our health sector is grossly underfunded, lacking access to modern/sophisticated health resources, which without them, any health system can not function effectively. Our health workers/personnel are being underpaid, which often leads to incessant strikes, and this, in turn, makes thousands of experienced and professional doctors and even nurses leave the shores of Nigeria seeking greener pastures and receive abroad. Leaving quacks and nescience doctors dispensing fake drugs dominated the terrain. 

The country is getting ensnared by mounting insecurity situations ranging from kidnapping to banditry, religious and tribal tensions, among millions of other uncalled-for situations, leaving the masses in blank darkness with faces that harbor endless pains as the fabric of their little world is torn apart. Kidnapping, most especially, remains a wild plague that is tormenting us and would not allow us to breathe. A tune to any news channel on Tv or Radio set will scare you; news that torments one's eardrums causes the flesh to sag and itch the body like yam water are only what is left to break. 

We have been on a downward spiral for years, and one could easily see the terrible effect of this. However, to get to the core of the issue of insecurity, terrorism, and bad governance is to go all the way rather than half of it. There is, therefore, an urgent need to go beyond complaining In a slapdash manner while we can come together and with great intent cleanse all evils of this land and perhaps if it will require us wrestling it to the ground all to get what we want.

Hopefully, this shattering country of ours will be built, and the palaces of the nation's wreckers will be destroyed. Then this bland darkness will turn to light, and the cruelties against the poor masses will come to an end. We do not need any seer to tell us that the spring of change does not need for blood to rain down, but with love and unity, we can heal the nation and pave the way for the Sun to rise again. Let's look beyond tribe and religion; let's vote for candidates based on what they can offer. 

It's high time we seek someone that will serve us honestly. It is an obvious truism that there is never any good time to come together as one than now, and with our PVC card, bring about change and chase out those failed and corrupt politicians out of power. So that when we shall discuss this county in the near future, we will do so with a sense of pride. Let's shun the blame game and face reality. Let's do the needful, and with one voice, we can elect leaders that will fundamentally transform the well-being of Nigeria.

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