Letter To Myself

Dear Today Me...It beats my imagination how time fleets, how the ticking of a clock has gradually caused time to travel across several years.

Looking at the mirror, I no longer see that young, brisk, curious face, always wondering if she would ever find her feet someday. Ten years ahead is a great while to wait to meet you, so I thought I should write to you. So why am I doing this? Well, I care about you, me, us… you know what I mean. And I am hoping that this will keep you on your toes in the 2020s.

The world is at the peak of its information age. Humans are being substituted with artificially intelligent gadgets in the labor market, and employability is considered based on skills one has acquired regardless of paper qualification. I remember those varsity days you were dying to make good grades because you believed — we believed — it would make tomorrow bright, but tomorrow has remained tomorrow. We finally got the degree, but it didn’t make us hotter.

Now, the unfortunate in this age are those who focus on having paper requirements alone. They live in penury since the credit, once given to having a certificate as being a ticket to a good life, has shifted to the ability to apply the knowledge supposedly acquired. Even a 9 to 5 schedule to prove one’s competence is hard to come by. Relationships have become a one-sided bridge — even Civil Engineers are victims. Trust is a scarce commodity as humans interact. Fraud is seen as a means of livelihood, frowned upon when a commoner indulges in it but seen as a way of life for those in the corridors of power. Their misdeeds are excused as legitimate.

Though one is little a number to stop corruption from eating deeper into the fabric of our society, within my sphere of influence as a varsity lecturer, I am focused on our future leaders committed to learning under my care. They will not only be informed intellectually but also in character. Since the certificate awarded to them at the end of their program literally confers their worthiness both in learning and character, I am committed to making the latter true on paper and in their experience. Taking advantage of my proficiency, I will emphasize that they have a character worthy of emulation. Ultimately pointing them to the author of their existence.

Obviously, the world craves respect and honor, but pay attention to becoming a solution and not a precipitate anywhere you find yourself. You will earn both respect and honor. Do you want to wear challenges? Always wear a smile. Make humor your confidant. Have the willingness to look stupid — yeah, that’s the attitude to approach learning with. Remember that good company is a necessary distraction in life — you have always said that to others. Submit to the vulnerability that relationships suggest, for you will reap the dividend of sincere and long-lasting ties. But beware of rainy seasons; you might slip and fall into a relationship — you know what I mean.

Above all, live long — I guess you are wondering how this is in your power to achieve. See it this way. When the memory of you goes down the grave with you, then you have died untimely, but when it lives beyond your last breath, then you have lived long. Don’t be in a hurry to create such memories. Know that only your niche of purpose can afford such. It is never about the big things you do but about doing those things that you were designed for. Though life is full of uncertainty, you can engage in life with certainty.

I hope you take these words to heart. I don’t mean to assure you that all of your efforts will yield the expected result — I would only be telling a lie that the devil would be surprised at. Till we meet in a decade, remain on course.


Tomorrow Me

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