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Letter To The Unknown

It's okay if you fall the only way you can rise is when you fall so appreciate your fall to rise.

Be confident to appear just the way you are if they do not accept you, do not squeeze to fit in just the way you are is perfect. The fingers are not meant to be equal so forcing to lengthen them equally will end in pain. When aisles de-worth you, only you know your worth remains focused on a trip to the destination of your worth

Never fake it to prove yourself, faith it till you make it; it took God six days for Creation so it's okay if the process is taking time. Remember! the rule of winning is when you celebrate others succeeding, if it means drinking garri till you are made is better than ripping people out of their possession. If all they talk about is their growth without considering you will be hot.

However, leave cause it's poisonous for you, if you have to give up your body to keep your job leaving is better off. Your eyes could see the risen of the sun it means you've gat stopgap strive!! Never lose focus for it will displace you on a journey. Between you and success is determination, it's okay if your mind feels I'll take a refreshing breath and determine later. It's okay if you wake up to Dad and mom not breathing, pain can only make us strong so be strong, yes they couldn't change the family story the change lies with you don't give up!!

Running away from the troubles of showing off you might be caught so flee let your success be the storyteller when the table goes left don't be in crisis with it. It's teaching you a lesson you can't buy with millions so stay and learn behind every endurance is a victory to every success passion to every knowledge learning to everyday sun live on this basis to rip basket of everything attainable.

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