An exposition of what life is prior to the lots of questions people ask .thus, misjudging reality.

Times when we look through our faults and conclude on life's tiny philosophy from our little, real but unrealistic side leave us with nothing but the mirages of errors we thought unfixable, problems unsolvable, and dreams unachievable. These very tiny philosophies drag us down until we are pinned to just a tiny corner of experience we tag "LIFE. " But life isn't all about the dilemmas that struck you, or the tragedy or the joy and comfort that always seem to come with it.

Life is all about balance. You must know that life is never indebted to you; rather, you are always indebted. That very life you complain about is the very same life another wishes for secretly. Therefore, life is like a result obtained after a coding process; it only displays the effort you secretly put into it. Life is you, but you ain't life.

You have the responsibility of making it count in the order you want it to be, but you cannot force it before its time. If you do, it always leaves an indelible mark of regret and pain all wrapped up in what we term "bad memories" that do not want to be recalled. Thus, we blame life for being unfair. But IS LIFE REALLY UNFAIR?🤔

But of course, one would say you do not always get what you need. That simply throws a question do you really need what you thought you needed? Was that the life track designed for you? Learn to submit your daily plans to God then, who is the final plan executioner. Only then Can you be a master at life's hurdles

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