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Life In Nigeria Campus (chapter 2)

Story of an average Nigerian student...Strong will. I had a million reasons to take school and education seriously. First, I didn't want to end up like my Dad. He stopped at basic 6.

Second, I believed so much in, "Education is one of the keys to achieving success."I said one of the keys because God is the main key. I was brilliant and Intelligent. Everyone, including my parents, teachers, friends, and sisters can agree with that.*** You know what they say; if you must make girls like you or always crushing on you, you should be handsome, or smart, or come from a rich home. I know for sure, that I was smart but handsome, I'm not sure. Rich home? I was far from that.

Seeing how good I was, Dad suggested I became a doctor. He always says "Doctors are smart people, and I'm smart!" That wasn't my thing. I never saw myself becoming one because it was not just for me. Instead, I was passionate about the computer. No one taught me how to operate the computer. I had this self-healing superpower. I guess It is one of the ingredients used in creating me. When my dad mistakenly does something to his phone that alters its functions, I would know what to do. It feels really good providing solutions to any problem.

"So Stan, what would you want to study In school?" Mum enquire, while we were having breakfast one morning. "I think, I will go for Computer science. I want to..." "Computer what? So you want to become a fraudster?" Dad cut in, immediately. " What? Dad, how is that related to computer science? "I know what I am saying. All they know is to be carrying laptops around and be scamming people." That was his definition of Computer Science. Even though that is a wrong accusation, he was still right. I've seen people use their knowledge of some computers to defraud people. Well, that was not my plan. "I want one of my children to become a doctor," he added. "Deborah is there. I'm sure she will be great in that field" Gone are those days when parents force their kids to do things they are not passionate about.

After secondary school, some of my classmates got admitted into the university that same year, but I didn't. That's because I didn't sit for the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination with them. I was happy for them but at the same time, sad. I was sad because they will graduate before me. Even some students that were so dumb in class made it to the university but there I was, looking for something to do. The pressure was too much. In my family; from mom's side and dad's side, no one made it to the university. Mum tried, but she stopped after her senior school. Other members either stopped in basic six, just like Dad, or Junior school.

Mum promised she was going to break that curse and make sure all her children will attain university degrees and even more. I was afraid of how she was going to cope. She was only earning #40,000 as a teacher in a government school, despite all her years of experience and how good she was. Her colleagues were earning more because they all claimed to have higher certificates. Dad on the other hand was always complaining about not making enough sales plus he was the one paying my sister's school fees.***

I had a friend, Michael. He was my Junior in secondary school. After he graduated, his parents insisted he learn some skills before going the University, and, Just like me, he was worried his mates were all in school but unlike me, he took the Jamb exam and got admitted, though he was offered a course he never wanted; Physics. The day he got notified, he came to my house to tell me. " Damian, l just got admitted into the university" "Oh wow, what school?" "Abuja University"

For real, I was happy for him, but sometimes, it's good to advise people when we feel things are not looking right. His parents were not so rich. They were like every average Nigerian family. Daily business, to make sure the family eats. But Michael had a high taste. " wow, why Abuja university?" "Bro, I just want to go far away from home" he responded. "Really? Your parents must be happy." "I've not mentioned it to them. You're the first." "oh, Don't you think Abuja is far? Do you have relatives there?"

"No, I don't, but it is better this way. Some of my friends are there; I can link up with them.'' I didn't want to sound like I was not happy for him, so I wished him well. " My only problem now is my parent." I only encouraged him and gave him my piece of advice. Then he left. Just as expected, his dad was not in support "Of all the schools to choose; it's Abuja university you pick? Your mother and I told you to hold on. but you insisted. No problem, Congratulations, I don't have money for that now. His mum couldn't speak for him because she was also not in support of him going to that school when he first mentioned it to her. Their excuses were, first, it was far from home. Should anything happen, they may not be able to get to him on time. Second, their fee was high for them and lastly, they had no relatives there. Michael won't listen. He insisted on going, and no one could stop him.


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