Faith Abuh 1 year ago

Life's Reality Versus God's Providence

The fabric of life is laced up with suspense, intrigues, hopes, and fears - of the unknown. Like if you aren't careful, you'd be forced to worry about what the future looks like or what it holds for you.

Is there an imaginary picture of your future that you've painted, and though you're getting older, it seems what you see playing out right before your very eyes is nothing close to what you ever imagined?

Is there a deadline or target you've set for yourself that at so or so age, you should have achieved this or that but funnily, you're close or even passed that age but still couldn't meet up, and you're worried? It isn't like you just folded your hands doing nothing. You've worked hard. You've tried the best you can, but life keeps happening; things are not just falling in place as you planned. Honestly, that is not an easy place to be! You'll be forced to wonder what the problem is. Like, why is everyone else been blessed but you?!

But, you can be sure of this: God hasn't forgotten you! I listened to Priscilla Shirer's message on 'When it seems like God is Doing Nothing,' and here's what I learned: when it seems like God is doing nothing, He's busy crafting out chapters upon chapters of our lives. He's fully engaged and fully involved in the stories of our lives.

Relax! God is working out something tremendous! Beyond all your wildest dreams and plans, He is More than enough! Beyond your plans for the future, hopes for tomorrow, and those lofty dreams, He is More than enough! There's no desire that is TOO big that He can't grant! None of your ambitions can outweigh Him. You just let Him do His thing! He created you; allow Him to take care of you! Don't cut corners to get to your dream place; it only ends in pain and had I known. 

He has kept your Portion for you. Yes, He has saved the best for you. Don't let Fear, Worry, and Anxiety conquer you. Don't lower your standard, don't reduce the size of your dreams. He who owns the future has gone ahead. Your dreams are valid. And God will work it out!


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