Like A Rubber Band Or A Growing Seedling

This article describes how we should be like a rubber band or a growing seedling in order to unleash our potential for maximum impact.

Sometimes, we feel stressed out when we become determined to move forward- to pursue our career, goals, and schedules; and may begin to think that we should just leave those dreams and come back to our initial state, where we feel more comfortable and safe. Like a rubber band, we need to be stretched out in order to be useful. When we refuse the stretching, we may not be useful and may not be adding value to others. Our potential may remain dormant and unexploited. We need to resist that feeling of discomfort and the fear of breaking down, fear of failure, and fear of rejection in order to make maximum impact in this world. We are created with the ability to stretch out.

In a bank setting, the rubber band that holds a large bundle of money is stretched more than the one that holds just a few pieces. Similarly, in order to unleash our potential and make maximum impact, we need to overcome the fear of breaking down, fear of failure and rejection, and getting stretched out. We should decide to accept the feeling of uncomfortable at the beginning of our voyage. It won't kill us! Perhaps, it's just for a moment; afterward, we will see its benefits.

In addition, just like a growing seedling, the process of growth involves extending ourselves gradually to acquire more resources that would be beneficial to our growth and help others around us tap from our potential. If a seedling refuses to extend itself to acquire resources and get exposed to the hot sunlight, it will remain a seedling forever. But when it decides to endure the stretches and the hotness of the sun, then it will grow into a full 🌲 tree and yield fruits that many people would benefit from.

Therefore, don't let the uncomfortable feelings at the beginning of your journey to destiny make you remain stagnant, don't let your fear of failure and rejection stop you from stepping out of your comfort zone. You can do more and better when you allow yourself to be extended and endure the stretches. 

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