Your company can be a blessing or a curse...Lisa, a promising lady who had potential that everyone admired, was also God-fearing and was never distracted by youthful exuberance.

Her positive qualities attracted a lot of people to her; she always had people around who wished to be mentored. Lisa had so many awards and recognition to her name; she was known for public speaking, spoken words, and philanthropy. Despite having so many people around her, she had her circle of friends, those who she trusted, like family.

A time came when they all started getting engaged; few got married and all; she was under pressure by her friends to get a man. Lisa was more focused and occupied with fulfilling their purpose and felt being in a relationship will be a distraction at that moment. Severally, she had a misunderstanding with her friends due to her decision to avoid getting into a relationship. 

Something happened that threw Lisa off balance; a day came when her friends planned to set her up with a man; they told this young man several secrets about Lisa so he could easily win her heart. All these were against Lisa's will, but she wasn't aware of their plans. 

That faithful day, Lisa met this young man, Gabriel, who was a civil engineer with a great vision. They had dinner at a restaurant, they got talking, and he acted according to his script. Lisa was amazed at his wisdom and wondered how a man could display what she had always prayed to see in her husband. Unknown to her, Gabriel acted based on the secrets shared by Lisa's friends, who felt they did the right thing.

Gabriel made a marriage proposal on her birthday in the long run, which she accepted with joy. While courting, they got to know themselves better, Lisa had always known Gabriel as a cool man who never wanted any misunderstanding, but six months into the relationship, her hope was dashed. Gabriel began showing off some bad habits; Lisa got to know he was into drugs and was also a drunkard. Not only that, he was brutal and harsh when they had a misunderstanding, and his temper was short. 

The experience was terrible to the point that it affected her career and aspirations; she found it hard to focus. She was ashamed to tell her friends; she felt Gabriel would change because of her good deeds and tolerance. That was a wrong assumption! The painful thing was that Lisa wasn't aware that her relationship with Gabriel was orchestrated by her friends, not God.

Her ignorance of this made her endure the pain for some months; she couldn't carry out her ideas and desires, and she was totally running to a zero level. On the other side, her friends got to notice her absence from work and how inconsistent she had been online, so she turned down several public speaking engagements that would have built her brand. Lisa's life was turning into the opposite of what everyone had imagined. 

A day came when Lisa had a misunderstanding with Gabriel at his apartment; in the heart of it all, Gabriel made a statement that exposed the hidden plan of her friends. He was also tired of playing games; he knew that it was time to leave. Lisa, having heard his confession, was dumbfounded; she couldn't believe her ears, but of course, it was true. She left for her apartment in bitterness and rage; they agreed to end the relationship without a second thought. Back home, several thoughts crossed her mind; she wondered what her error was to deserve such inhumane treatment from those she called her friends.

While reminiscing in tears, her phone beeped severally, messages from her friends apologizing for their mistake. They had wrecked her life and purpose; everything was going down the drain, and Lisa had a scar because of that relationship. It took her two months to heal, and while in that process, she understood better, it became clear to her that one's company can either be favorable or toxic. She forgave her friends but made a decision never to associate with them again. Though it was a hard decision. She had to let go; those are not the kind of people she needs in her life; they are far from being good.

She knew having such friends around here would be a death trap, so she had to cut off from them. The marvelous thing about her healing process is that she was able to meditate, appraise herself, get all the motivation she needed, and most importantly, she improved on her skills. Long story cut short, Lisa built her brand and became the CEO of her multinational organization just within a year. God saw her diligence and decision to be better and pulled her through to greatness.

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