Little Story

It is a short story of wickedness powered by Jealousy...Aisha walks cautiously along the central highway of Dutse, the state capital of Jigawa. She held a very old stick with her left hand while holding it firmly to the shoulders of her daughter, Amina, with her left hand. Aisha is blind. But contrary to what she always said when asked about her state of sight, she was never born blind. Or was she?

Rumors have it that her co-wife is responsible for her ailment. Reasons? Well, as of the time their husband, Mallam Musa, married Aisha, it was believed and widely spread that she was barren. Perhaps that's another reason why Laraba, Mallam Musa's first wife, never raised a finger to oppose the wedding. For her, too, she is barren. But nature is not always what it is assumed. And for the fact that we believe something doesn't nullify nature's power to correct or change things. Laraba should have known this because, as nature has permitted, two years later, Aisha miraculously became pregnant.

Laraba was devastated and jealous, but more than that, she was scared. She feared that their husband would now wittingly channel all his love to Aisha, leaving her deprived of the same. So in her moment of distress and uncertainty, she turned to her friend Jumai, who, like her, had a very dark mind that was full to the brim with negativity. And just as assumed, her friend Jumai recommended that Laraba takes Aisha out of the picture. At first, Laraba was reluctant and hesitant. But after wrongly perceiving Mallam Musa's care for his unborn child as one-sided love, she opted for her friend's advice.

Two weeks later, Aisha suddenly became blind. No doctor or any medical practitioner could explain what had happened to her. All search for remedy was futile. But even at that, Mallam Musa's love for his wife was not shaken, and his love for his unborn child skyrocketed. Seeing this, Laraba was pissed, thus, unleashing her master plan. She paid a gang of worthless people to kidnap and kill Aisha. Aisha was nine months gone at the time.

The gang kidnapped her but couldn't kill her because of her state. In order to please their client, they took her all the way from Akwanga of Nasarawa state to Dutse, strictly warning her that if she dared step her feet in Akwanga, her family and she would be brutally, mercilessly, and painfully exterminated. Two weeks later, Amina was born. It's been seven years now, daughter and Mother surviving by the alms they receive from kindhearted persons, and just like any other day, today they were out walking along the highway hoping that the heavens will smile on them and they won't sleep hungry just like the day before.

As they walked along the busy highway, the mother felt a sharp pain in her head; she asked Amina to take her to the nearest shade. For she thought her pain was caused by the heat from the sun and will subside. When they got to the shade, she handed a squeezed ten naira note to her daughter to get them water to drink. A moment after Amina's departure, Aisha felt a whole new wave of commotion around her. She started hearing voices a distance away from her. The intensity of the voice was nothing like before. She felt some persons standing close to her; one of them was lamenting how little the girl was, how malnourished she looked but still beautiful and fair. The other said that he wonders if she will survive such a terrible accident...

The moment Aisha heard the word "accident," her heart misgave her, and she asked curiously, "young men, this girl you speak of, what is she wearing?" "Nothing," one of the young men answered. "She just had a black wrapper wrapped around her. From her chest downward," The other guy added. Nothing held her back, not even her lack of sight as he sprinted toward the "many voices." Amina, her child, had been ramped with a car.

As she reached amidst the commotion, she asked that she feels the girl. And people couldn't help but wonder why she asked for that. But the person who was holding Amina was backing her, and just as he turned to let the old mother feel her daughter, he shouted, "Aisha.." "Musa.." She called back, instantly recognizing her husband's voice. And in that moment of joyous reunion, their daughter gave up the ghost and transcended to the great beyond.

Meanwhile, Laraba smiled as she watched everything from her Calabash. She stood up and lay on her bed, awaiting her time to elapse. "When the girl dies, you too will die," the native doctor had told her. "That's fine; as long as I can't have a child with him, nobody will," she said.

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