Locked In

Iganya is coming to the country for her daughter's wedding ....who she doesn't expect to see is the woman who ruined her marriage...her very own sister.

Locked 1

Iganya hurried briskly through the Nnamdi Azikiwe airport along with the throngs of other arriving visitors and returnees. While her baggage was cleared, her phone buzzed in her purse. She beamed when she saw the name of her best friend Edora, who she hadn't seen in twelve years.

Once she claimed her baggage, she approached the gateway, where she spotted a familiar but slightly different Edora. While Edora had finally gained some of the much-needed weight, which made her look healthy and cute, Iganya had somehow turned her weight into sleek, elegant curves that many women broke their sweats to have.

It wasn't easy at first, but when she finally realized that her marriage to her husband was all a joke, she filed for divorce and full custody of her children. Her mother thought she was making a grave mistake by leaving the country with the children, but she didn't care. It was the best decision she had ever made. Thanks to supporting from friends, hard work, and diligence, Iganya rose to become a successful brand name in the world of skincare products. She didn't even know her products would make such a huge impact.

"Oh my goodness, Iga, cried a tearful Edora as she embraced her dearest friend. " It's good to see again, Edocity, she replied and chuckled when her companion huffed, ' you won't let that go, would you?' Iganya simply laughed lightly at her friend's pout.

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" .... thanks so much for the body oils, an excited Edora said as she held on to the bottles as though they were gemstones. She simply nodded as she placed her things in the lavish room of the emperor hotel. ' So, how do you feel? Edora asked quietly as she watched her friend play with her bangles. Iganya sighed and attempted to smile, but the trembling of her lip gave way to sobs. Edora gathered her friend in her arms and allowed her to let out the tears. " My eldest daughter is getting married, she said tearfully. She's only nineteen,' she sobbed.

' but she's a mature young woman, Edora said softly, and a qualified nurse.., ' but she's still a baby, cried Iganya. Edora gently shook her shoulders, ' you make it sound like it's an offense, Iganya wiped away her tears, ' I know Cyrus is a good young man; I practically raised him myself before he left for Berlin'

'then what's the problem?' Edora asked, worried, " what if she ends up like me? Tears trickled down her cheeks. Edora shook her head sadly; Iganya had been married to David, her childhood sweetheart, for twelve years, from which they produced a healthy daughter and a pair of twin sons. David was one of the most driven sales reps she had ever met. Aside from his charming looks, he was charismatic and was always the life of the party. And that was the problem; he was a party animal.

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