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Lost Boy

Lately have been dying; Depression is eating me up slowly; Wakes up at noon, my eyes boil up from tears pouring;

Lately have been dying,
Depression is eating me up slowly,
Wakes up at noon, my eyes boil up from tears pouring,
My lips burnt from heavy smoking.

Sinking deep into the ocean of confusion,
Mind games and hallucinations,
My pain relief, late-night masturbation,
Pun on my imagination- for a while, I say thanks for the distractions.

Then after a while am back into my coven,
Listening to my heart not beating but sobbing,
While torrent drops from my eyes out like it's raining,
Too weak to pray,
What can a man who has died inside say to His GOD,
Except he blesses his death wish....he is lost on earth already.

© Slymjoshcreàtive

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