Lost Love

If you are not ready for love:do not awaken it.Love is not all there is to having an interesting youthful life.If love is going to jeopardize what you want to be in any way then its not worth it.They say "love is worth fighting for" but at the right time.

Years back in secondary school, my crush gave me a love letter, and after reading it, I tossed it into one of my notes. Unfortunately for me, I submitted that same note for marking, and the subject teacher saw it; the rest is history, but I received what I would call "Advice of my life"...it was epic.

Jeff had been receiving this 'funny' attitude from Belinda lately, and she refused to tell him what was wrong with her. Jeff was also on edge; he was careful not to be pushed out because he didn't want to jeopardize what they had. He felt things falling apart, but he could do little or nothing; he was up for anything but dreaded the worst nevertheless.

Belinda didn't believe what was happening to her; it was after Jeff that she realized how much she hated being referred to as someone's property. She didn't like how her classmate adopted the notion that she was Jeff's girlfriend. She realized she loved having herself to herself, and it was her source of peace, knowing that she had got nothing extra to deal with. It was no longer news to her that she wasn't ready for love; emotionally, mentally, and socially. She hated herself for dragging Jeff into this messed-up situation, and she was so sure that continuing in this would only hurt her.

She started giving Jeff the idea of "this is about to crash" in their conversations. It was a tough decision to make, calling it quits. Jeff doesn't deserve this, and she, too; this wasn't the right time.

What makes time right? What makes me ready for love? Not everyone can answer that, so they better not ask it.

To be continued...


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