Lost Love

Lost Love is Found! My apologies for the long break; I guess the break will happen at this point in the story... let's see what happens.

It was obvious the relationship between Jeff and Belinda needed saving. Jeff was trying to salvage the situation, but Belinda, on the other hand, had made up her mind to tell the love of her life how she wanted him out of her life. She needed herself back; she craved peace, and this time... for real.

She sent Jeff a text which read;

Hi Jeff,
Uhm, So sorry I have been acting up lately, and I know you might be thinking you did something; I mean...you have been nothing but amazing and loving. You didn't do anything to me; I have just been trying to say something, but it's very hard.
There is no doubt that I love everything about you, at least I am sure of that, but...I don't know why I feel this way. I am not comfortable with THIS; I am so sorry.
I know it might all sound contradicting, but the whole situation seems like I lost myself while loving you. I don't like the feeling I get most times, this obviously makes no sense, but I know there is something missing.
Jeff, I am very sorry. You do not deserve this, and I totally understand if you don't want to talk to me anymore...I am very sorry, i didn't mean for this to happen or hurt you. I guess I started something I couldn't finish, and I dragged you into it.
Please forgive me...I am so sorry.

There is no doubt in the fact that someone has to be hurt for the truth to be told; that is what makes it the truth...but it's all for the better. Belinda cried her eyes out; she thought of how she would be able to face Jeff in school. Jeff, on the other hand, was lost in thinking and trying to decipher what really went wrong while reading the text countless times," does she see me as bleak to her future" he thought. He felt very bad and wished it was all a joke. He needed more explanation from Belinda because he could not make anything tangible out of the text she sent him. He tried all he could, but she was avoiding him, so he had to agree with the whole idea. There was not much he could do; his love was rejected. He had to text Belinda since he couldn't get her to talk to him.

I wished this was a joke, but I guess it's real; you won't even talk to me... I deserve that, at least, but it's okay.
I know what it took for us to get here, and I can't believe this is the end, it was so short-lived, but I can't do much. I love you and still do up until this moment; I can't help it.
I want to understand you, and I am trying to. I guess letting go will be a duty I have to take on. I don't want you crying or feeling bad, I will be fine, and I want you to be fine too.
I have a lot to say, but I guess it doesn't matter anymore; time will heal everything. I want you to know that you are still an amazing person, and I do not regret what we shared though it ended this way. It might be hard for us to be just friends, but ...you still have a friend in me.
I am not mad at you.

I guess Belinda wasn't wrong about Jeff being a cool guy. To every beginning, there is an end, and to every end...what is it? We will see about that.

To be continued...


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