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The love of God is everlasting and overwhelming...When people say they've experienced a lot in life it sounded like a movie to me until I began to see it. Truly it's his will for man to suffer a while but then be settled and stabilized;

When people say they've experienced a lot in life it sounded like a movie to me until I began to see it. Truly it's his will for man to suffer a while but then be settled and stabilized.

What you see with your eyes nobody can tell you how it feels.
How it feels to smile in frustrations and rise in temptation screaming to the devil's ears I know who I am in Christ to walk your salvation from a footstep to a ground hold to carry worries bigger than your head without paracetamol for the headache to sit in a situation where the front is a wall and back it not even better.

To have a lot yet not own enough 
To lose a lot in fighting for more that cannot even be gotten.
But in the end, we smile
Smile for we know that all things walk together for our good as we walk in Him
We smile because we know
We know that the love we experience is not just for a second but everlasting 

We know that the love He bestowed on us has been before we were birth we...
Know that He who has started a good work will finish is it in His love
The love 
The love that made the only and only son die as a sacrificial lamb to save his people from death the...
Love that has made man shine and rides in his glory daily this love...
See love now
See love 

That even when we fell we fell in his arms and with His right hand of righteousness he has lifted us up and wiped our tears as the prodigal son part two 
He has...
Show us so much that's excess...
And each day we owe him thanks for the love that we eat for breakfast and we round it off with dinner 
The love that even in the midst of it all we end up being winners we're achievers 
Successes walking on the street 
Owing to that love
Love abundant 
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