We all view love differently... To some, love is typically measured as a give and take, what you can offer, and when it is no longer coming, they stop loving. I call that "a transaction", not love.

This set of people depends on their partners for a sense of belonging, approval, and validation. Let's not mistake dependency for love. Love is loyalty and commitment. It involves care, closeness, attraction, affection, passion, trust, intimacy, and more. To me, love is contentment. Being content should be the first element of attraction. Oh, I love this person just how he/she is, whether he/she is rich or not, it doesn't matter, whether she has big boobs and a rounded ass, it doesn't matter. He's just awesome the way he is; that's perfect.

In love, you don't manage; if you do, then the relationship won't last long. The only thing that keeps a relationship going is contentment; you get satisfied with whatever your partner has or what he or she can offer. You don't go about demanding what you know he cannot afford or what you know she cannot offer. I have seen beautiful and intelligent ladies with big boobs and asses, but their partners still cheat on them with someone else who's not even up to their standard, and that's because he's not contented with what he has.

I have seen ladies married to rich and wealthy men, but they still don't get satisfied with the man. To you, they have everything they need, the money, the fame, the recognition, but with a closer look at some of them, you would see that there's no happiness within them. Having everything is not the case, are you contented or satisfied with that which you have.

Are you satisfied with your partner? Do you still feel you're losing something somehow? Do you desire someone else that you feel is better than your partner? If you aren't contented with the person you claim to love, then I think it's time to let them go because you are not in love yet. Love is commitment; you must put in that extra effort to make it work. When you take away the aspect of commitment, love becomes infatuated. Love is a being, you are love, and if you do not have love inside of you, there's nothing for you to give out.

Love must be mutual; if a particular area is lacking on either side of a relationship, it makes it unideal and unhealthy. Always bear in mind that things won't always be great, but being willing not to look at the obstacles is what makes love stronger and more beautiful. You won't always agree but being patient with each other in kindness and respect is what makes it awesome. Love is you; learn to give out love freely without being demanding, possessive, and getting attached to people. Let love lead.

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