Love And Moderation (series 1)

This piece of writing expound on how love can be put into moderation for both Gender. Love is a sensitive issue that engage people and society. It needs attention so that the place of balance can be identity.

There will always be an opposite definition of a beautiful term when it comes to practice. Love is one of the greatest and most powerful feelings influencing human emotions. This influence may be either positive or negative. The question you ought to ask yourself is, how do I express mine? Before you travel into the love realm, I would like you to focus on this crucial point of view.

1. Don't waste emotions.

Emotions are strong feelings that are most time hard to resist and are too mysterious to understand, but there are ways via which things ought to be done. You, as a lady, don't force yourself on any man. You are the one who is being sought after; making a man feel like your whole world hangs around him will make him take advantage of you. It is possible to be in a relationship with a man, yet his mind is far away from you. If you observe this, then why waste your emotions?

The hilarious statement ladies make, "I have gone too far; I can't leave him." Imagine; such a shame to ladies hood. He has not paid your bride price, neither have you a child for him, just the relationship and nothing more. If you don't know your worth as a lady, then you have to stain your value. This is the more reason why you need to advance your self-control and Willpower.

Let me tell you a story of a lady who abode stupidity in her emotions, all in the name of love. This lady invested in a guy at the university they both attended. Out of stupidity and low mentality, she became a dropout. How and what led to that will be the question? She fought with a lady in school because her lover dated this lady. I think dropping out of school will make her quit the relationship, but she never quit. The aftermath of the relationship was total trash. This first-class foolishness made her lose everything, so she had to start from scratch. What can of the image has this lady given to ladies hood? This is also applicable to men, but it will be discussed in the other series.

For my sweet and loving ladies, don't waste your emotions on the wrong persons. Learn the law of patience and fate. Love is a beautiful thing when you have it for the right person and at the right time. Many a lady met their soulmate at a tender stage in life, while some when they are mature enough. Those whose journey came early don't mess things up because it is a perfect time. If yours is not that early, don't imitate these categories, those who tried it ended up with a messy relationship before they eventually get the right person. Love without value and respect is not genuine, and the only place you can get this is from the right person. Do well to wait for your soulmate, don't live by any man's mercy, and more importantly, don't waste your emotions.

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