Love And Moderation (series 10)

Examine your emotions...Your emotion is another world that needs examination.

You should first know that you have the willpower to control your emotions. Emotions don't only trigger love, feeling, loneliness, impulse, lust, and negative desires but also do the same. The question is: How did you study your emotions? You often find yourself crushing over a lady who does not know that you exist. Don't hesitate to let go; nothing hurts, like when your emotions are being tossed like the unsettled tide of a sea. Maybe she is not for you; if she is yours, you don't need to go through a lot before she values your emotions. Just as men are not for everyone, so are ladies too.

You don't need to waste your emotions; the fact that you naturally crush on the beautiful handy work of God doesn't allow you to commit sin. You are only showing how active your feeling is; beneath the crush, there must be a reason. This is where the problem lies; men misuse their natural feel when they want to satisfy their lustful desires, loneliness, impulses, etc. Don't be in a relationship because you want to please a short-lived infatuation. That wrong attempt will bounce back on like a sudden whirlwind if you don't erase the intentions.

Once you satisfy your impulse, then you realize that the supposed love you claim to have suddenly turned to hatred. How did you want the lady to feel when she eventually knows the reason behind the relationship? This is why many relationships crash due to the motives behind them. If you genuinely love a lady, but she doesn't feel the same, try to create a space for her to know your good motives instead of forcing your emotions on her like the whole world is at the top of your hands. Some men think using their authority, influence, and power to win a lady's heart will yield a durable relationship, but they end up becoming a stock of laughter and bunches of shame.

A man wants to take advantage of his staff at work; he asks her out, but this lady refuses the offer, and it makes her lose her job. Little did he know that he pushed her to her promised land. This lady, fortunately, got another better job in a bigger company. Her life kick-started all over again. As fate will have it, she met her Knight in shining armor, the CEO of the company. Like in a movie, they joyfully tie the knot and live happily ever after. Don't always think you can win a lady's heart with whatever you possess. Let your emotions have a good motive, trust you. Once it has this virtue, you rock men! More importantly, this will also attract the right person at the perfect time. Don't forget, in love, let there be a tasty spice of "MODERATION."

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