Love And Moderation (series 6)

Don't abuse masculinity...This basic truth about humans is that they are egoistic, but that men are the strongest.

They are meant to be strong for a genuine purpose, but some abuse them. The fundamental law of nature is that some are meant to be strong, while some are meant to be delicate and weak to perfect creations. Both traits can't be strong at a time. However, it shouldn't make you think you can toy with ladies' integrity in a relationship.

I have never heard of nor seen a healthy relationship that turns up well due to excessive use of authority. Understanding, Trust, sound communication, and unconditional love back it up. In some cases where you ought to utilize authority, don't hesitate to act up. Humans are bound to make mistakes anytime, anywhere, and anyhow. If your lover makes a costly mistake, an annoying error, you don't need to be too harsh on her because of her imperfections. You rather use your masculinity to correct her in love.

This same masculinity can help you build a secured barricade around her that she can rely on. She may be too weak on the outside because of her nature but very fierce on the inside. You fail if you think your authoritativeness can make things work out well. This only triggers her hidden fierceness, which can be very dangerous for your healthy relationship. Men, learn to be less authoritative and, on the other side, never be a man of straw so that moderation can embellish your beautiful relationship.

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