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Love At First Sight Or Was It?

Ever since I was a little girl, I didn't believe in love or marriage. So when girls my age dreamt of fairytale weddings and novel-worthy romance, I dreamt of a life of pleasure and freedom, a life void of betrayals and heartbreaks.

Well, that was until I met Samuel Oluwaseun. It was love at first sight, and you could say I fell pretty hard and fast for someone who claimed to be so opposed to love, but you shouldn't blame me. Samuel was perfect in ways I didn't think were possible, and he made me happy. So when he asked me to marry him barely five months after we met, like the crazy love-infatuated girl I was, I said yes.

My mum was overjoyed; not only had her daughter decided that marriage was no longer a taboo, but she had also managed to snag herself a prominent young bachelor. Our mums, like typical Yoruba mothers, carried the wedding on their heads, occasionally butting heads with the wedding planner. I didn't mind, though; all I cared about was Samuel and the perfect life we were going to have together.

I couldn't believe it; I was going to become a wife, which was against everything I stood for, and I was ecstatic. I could already imagine our little family that, included Samuel, our twins, and me, and it was perfect. Everything was perfect until mum included Prophet Steven then everything fell apart. His message was simple, "Doyin, Samuel is not God's plan for you." Like he knew what God's plan was for anybody.

You see, I would have believed him if I didn't know that he couldn't see anything beyond the physical, and even that was hard for him. He couldn't even tell that his beloved son had been sleeping with different women in the church for years, myself included, so why was I going to give up my one shot at happiness because of something he had said? My mum, a devoted believer in Prophet Steven, was distraught. She pleaded with me to stop the wedding, but I refused.

"Why did Jesus divide the veil in the temple at his death? If I was to depend on a so-called man of God, if God didn't want me to marry Samuel, then he would tell me himself" I had argued, and after a while, she reluctantly gave up. My mum was gullible, which was why she had remained married to my dad all those years, even when we all knew he was a chronic womanizer.

It was about a week before the wedding that I began to feel strange, like I was missing something important. I tried to ignore the feeling that something was about to go wrong, but I couldn't, my nerves were all over the place, and I was scared. Samuel had been very busy at the lab that week, something about an experiment that could be a global breakthrough, and I had barely seen him, so I concluded I just missed him. Samuel didn't like me visiting him at the lab, but I went anyway; I was so confident he missed me just as much as I did.

I had expected the place to be crowded; surely, he wasn't working on the experiment alone, but it was strangely quiet with no one in sight; even the security post was empty. As I moved toward his office, my anxiety increased, and my breathing became shallow. No sense of foreboding could have prepared me for what I saw. The room spun, and I gasped sharply, trying to catch my breath. I couldn't explain the pain that filled my heart.

My knees bucked, and I fell to the ground. My dream was crumbling right in front of my eyes.

My teary eyes met his startled ones, my stomach churned, and I gagged at the smell of the room. I had been wrong; there was no such thing as a perfect person neither was there anything like perfect love. I remember thinking as I emptied the contents of my stomach, "Prophet Steven was right."

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