Love From Within

Always being worried about why my work isn't as good as it ought to be, and a lot of reasons running through my mind. Not even feeling happy about myself, sadness gripped me as I was seated.

Just a look at myself, and a second look at my work, I felt relieved and calmed my head because of my attempt. Though it's not the best, I really do appreciate my efforts.

And just Immediately, the feeling of being a winner overwhelmed me, which really I was elated about. It was just as if the best was what I presented, even though I knew I didn't do the best.

If others don't appreciate my work, I see the need to make myself happy and proud by attempting it. Really I'm terribly loving myself and the work that I did. That same love made me review the work right there, with a cup of coffee to add, and really? It was better than the previous one.

Love from within gives me peace and makes me better day by day in all spheres of life because, really, it must first come from within.

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