Love In Disguise!

When you love someone, but pretend to be friends. Only God knows for long you can keep that feelings to yourself.

"Olayemi, Olayemi," I called her name as I was running after her, but she refused to answer me, but I kept on calling her name as I was following her. By the time she was about to pass through the gate, I had gotten closer to her, and I tried to grab her hand, but she turned back immediately and told me if I ever dared to call her or come to our place again, she's going to do something I will never forget in my life to me. She turned back and left; I stood by the gate as I was watching her walk at a very fast pace. I stood there until I was unable to see her anymore, then I went back inside.

When I got inside, I was just blaming myself for making this girl so upset. I was thinking about what just happened, then the memories of how we began were just flowing like a river in my head. That day, I was just scrolling through the news feed of my Facebook account when I got a notification about people I might know from Facebook. I checked the notification, and I saw a picture. When I saw the picture of the person, I saw that she was a girl, so I clicked on the notification to see if I truly knew the person. But when I checked the profile of the person, I saw that I didn't know her. As I was about to exit her profile, something got my attention. I saw pictures of some of the lady's friends, but of all these people that I saw, one person really got my attention. I checked the name of the person, and it read Owolabi Olayemi.

I clicked on her picture to learn more about her; when I checked her profile, I discovered that she was a student and she was in the same city as me. Honestly, from what I saw on her profile that day, I really like her personality. I thought to myself; maybe I should send her a message or not. After thinking back and forth about this, I finally decided to send her a message. The worst she can do is to either ignore my message or embarrass me. Whatever the result, I will send the message. That was my thought that day. So, I sent her a message, and I wrote in the message that I stumbled over her profile on Facebook, and I never meant to slide into a DM anyhow, but I really like her personality, and it would mean the whole world to me if we can be friends.

That night, I knew the surest result from this was that she would never reply to me because this was not the first time I will approach a girl on Facebook like this, and many of them, they never replied, and if at all they replied, they will either insult me or just tell me they are not interested in any friendship. But in the case of Olayemi, it's totally different. When I got back from work the following evening, I just decided to check out what was happening online before I went to bed that night. Immediately I turned on the data connection on my phone, and lots of notifications just fell in. I wiped down the drawer of my phone to see the important ones from these notifications.

When I saw these notifications, I saw that many of them were not that important, so I was just dragging them to the side one after the other to remove them all from the notification panel; then, I saw a messenger notification with the name tag Owolabi Olayemi. I quickly clicked on the notification to see what message the girl had sent and when I opened it, I was very surprised the girl had agreed to be my friend because what she had just written as a reply was "no problem." "No problem," I thought, then I sent her another message, thanking her for accepting to be my friend. When I also got to check my inbox the following day, I saw that she had also dropped another message. "Is this going to work?" I thought to myself, and I also sent her another message, and before I knew it, the conversation between us was just going smoothly.

I noticed that she didn't use to be more active on messenger, so one day, I asked through messenger why she didn't use to be online on messenger; after like two days, I got a reply from her that she was not used to Facebook and messenger. I replied to her message, asking her if she could drop her number so that I can be calling her anytime I felt like talking to her. I knew she wouldn't do that; in fact, I was thinking maybe this is what is going to destabilize this friendship between us, but I was surprised the following night when I logged on to my messenger and saw that Olayemi had dropped her number as I requested. I copied the digits and saved them on my contact list. I called her immediately, but her number was not going through.

So, I decided to call the following day while at work, and this time it rang, and then I heard the angelic voice of Olayemi from the other end of the call. "Hello!" the voice said. "Hello, please, am I speaking with Olayemi?" I asked. "Yes, this is Olayemi; please, who am I speaking with?" she replied. I told her it was Bolaji, her friend on Facebook, then she greeted me very well, and I also greeted her. I told her I had just called her to check on her, and she appreciated me very well. From this day, our friendship began to grow in a way I can't even imagine. After that day, I noticed that she was more active on WhatsApp, so I started chatting with her on WhatsApp and also calling her once in a while. After like two months of our friendship over the phone, I asked her one day that I would like to meet her in person which she agreed. We fixed a date and chose the venue, which is one of the nice restaurants in town.

The day of our meeting was Sunday, and as we had agreed, we met at the restaurant. I got there earlier, but she later came to meet me there. When she arrived, I welcomed her very well and gave her compliments about the way she looked. Then I asked her what she would like to have and she said anything nice. So, I left the table and came back with two plates of jollof rice and two chilled bottles of Coke. As we were eating, we talked about different things. She told me that she was studying at a university in the city. She also told me that she's not actually from the city, but she just came here to school. She also told me that she was at 200 level and she was living with a friend of hers off the Campus. I also told her about myself; I told her that I'm actually not a school person, but I'm a business owner who runs my small business on my own.

All these and many more are the things that we discussed that day, and that day was more interesting than I thought it would be. After the meeting at the restaurant, our friendship grew even more than before because, at some point, I started visiting her at her place, while she also comes to my house once in a while. In fact, most of the time, when she needs advice about something, she used to ask me, and I also try to give her the best I can offer. She's a very smart girl because I also used to ask her for advice anytime I had something bothering me. Everything was just fine between us until three days ago when she called me while I was at my shop.

She told me she wanted to discuss something very important with me. For me, I thought it was the usual way she used to ask for advice. So, I told her to come to my place on Sunday, which is today, and she agreed, and that's why she came here today. When she got here, I never expected what she really said. At first, I tried to get something for her to drink, but she refused. She just insisted that I should let her say what she had come here for, then I let her do as she wished. "Bolaji, please, I want to ask you a question," she began. "Go ahead; I'm listening," I replied. "Please, who am I to you?" she asked. To me, this question seems funny, but I tried not to laugh because I noticed that this girl was very serious about this question."You are my friend," I replied. She asked the question again, and I replied as I did the first time, not knowing I had done something wrong because all of a sudden, Olayemi just changed everything into something else for me.

She started saying all sorts of things like how could I be calling her friend after all these years of us being together. She said because of me, she didn't allow any other men into her life, and I that she was doing all these for is now saying she's just my friend. She talked so much and even insulted me with different kinds of bad words. I tried to calm her, but she never tried to listen to whatever I wanted to say. The next thing she did was that she just picked up her bag and left, and before leaving, she told me that she didn't want any friendship with me anymore and if I dared to call her number or come to her place, I would not like what will happen, and she left. That's why I was running after her, at least, to allow me to say something about this, but she was too upset and never ready to hear anything from me. The thing is, I never thought that Olayemi could get angry like this, and from what just happened, I need nobody to tell me that this girl has taken the relationship between us to a whole new level. The truth is, I also love this progress.

In fact, I have also been thinking of this for a while now, but I just kept it to myself because I didn't know what the girl would say, but now the girl even gave me an opportunity to express my feelings which I failed, and now it has all turned to what I never expected. "I don't think I can ever get this girl back to myself," I thought. And if I lose this girl, I will never forgive myself for life. Throughout that day, I called her number, but she was not picking up my calls. So, the following day, I closed earlier at my shop so that I could go and meet her at her place. When I got there, I met her friend Bisi outside. I greeted the lady and asked for Olayemi, she said she was inside, and I told her to please help me to inform her that I was around. The lady went inside and came back shortly. "Uncle BJ, Olayemi said she doesn't want to see you," Bisi said.

I stood akimbo, looking down and thinking of what I was going to do next. "Uncle BJ, hope there is no problem?" Bisi asked me. "Actually, it's just a small issue, but don't worry, I will sort things out very soon," I replied, and I left. As Olayemi has decided not to pick up my calls anymore, I have also stopped calling her, but my mind is still with her, and after two days from my first visit, I decided to go back to her place. When I got there this time, luckily, I met her and her friend discussing something at the front of their apartment, I quickly walked up to them, but as Olayemi saw me, she just hissed and left. I called her name like three times, but she just turned deaf ears. Bisi was very surprised, and she asked me again about what happened between Olayemi and me, and I explained everything to her. She promised me that she would talk to her on my behalf; I thanked her for her concern then I left that day.

Three days later, I received a call from Bisi telling me that Olayemi had agreed to see me. She told me that Olayemi said she has not decided to settle the matter with me, but she just only wants to hear what I have to say. I thanked Bisi very well, and I told her that I would come to their place when I was done at the shop that day. When I left my shop that day, I headed for their place, and when I got there, I met them washing plates in the compound. I greeted them both, but it was only Bisi that responded very well; then, I asked Olayemi if I could see her for a few minutes. She said I should be saying whatever I wanted to say there, but Bisi cautioned her and told her that that was wrong.

So, Olayemi stood up from where she was sitting, and we both walked to the front of the building to talk. "Olayemi," I called her name. "Please say whatever you want to say because I don't have time for any nonsense," she replied, but I just smiled, then I took a deep breath. "Olayemi, I have a child!" I began. I could sense both the shock and surprise on her face, even as I was not actually looking at her in the face. "Yes, I'm a single father," I continued.

"Five years ago, I married my wife. Before our wedding, she used to be a very good woman, but after some time when we got married, she started behaving anyhow she liked. Many times she will leave the house and come back late without telling me where she was going or where she was coming from. In fact, there are many of her bad characters that I can't explain to you. During this time, we had our first son. As the days passed by, the toughness of my wife just kept on growing every day; throughout this period, we fought like four times, but people from our families helped us to settle the matter each time we had a serious quarrel. But one day, we had a misunderstanding again, and it led to a serious fight between us. For all the time we have been fighting, I had never laid my hands on my wife even though I was tempted to do so.

Many times she would just shout at me even though I didn't say anything, but that day I was very provoked, and I acted tough at her, but the next thing my wife did was get a knife and wanted to stab me. If not for the fact that I ran and left the house for her that day, only God knows what would have happened by now. This last fight what was broke the marriage finally. Since then I'll never try to love any woman again, because each time I remember the kind of problems I have encountered with my ex-wife, I just believe that all women are the same, but that day I saw you on Facebook, to be honest with you, I have developed some feelings for you from that moment, but I don't want to fall into the same trap, and that's why I had asked you to be my friend first, and as we became friends, truly I should have confessed my love to you, but I'm scared about what will happen if I open up to you that I had a son. I thought you might not want to marry a man who has already gotten a child from another woman, so that's why I had kept my feelings to myself all these while".

As I was saying all these, Olayemi became very calm, looking as if she had lost something very important to her. "So, Olayemi," I continued. "I really love you, but it's the experience I have had about a woman that made me keep my feelings to myself all these while, and the thing is, I don't want to lose you because I believe that if you know about my son, you might decide not to marry someone like me, so I thought to keep the friendship, but it's a pity that as I have tried to keep the friendship, I have still lose you. So, these are things I have come to let you know. I also don't come here to really settle the matter with you as you have said because even though it's very hard for me, I have also made up my mind that maybe I have not gotten to my bus stop, and I will continue to be on the lookout for the right person. I came here to let you know that it's not what you really think it is at all. So thank you for giving me time to speak with you, and I really appreciate the time we spent together, thank you, Olayemi, bye for now," I said, and I left.

Throughout the time I was saying all these, she just kept muted, not knowing what to say. I left her that day, and I didn't even bother to call her or even visit her anymore, but after the third day, I saw her call, but I did not pick it up; she called multiple times again, but I refused to pick her calls. Then she started sending me messages, begging me that she wanted to see me, but still, I also didn't reply to any of her messages. After almost a week of her calling and messages, finally, I agreed to see her, but I didn't just agree that easily; if not for Bisi, who called and begged me on her behalf, I would just keep on ignoring her calls and messages.

So I told Bisi to tell her that she could come and see me at my house the following Sunday so that we could discuss whatever she had to say. On Sunday, around 3 p.m. I was just watching the film I bought yesterday then I heard a knock on the door. I went to the door to see who was there, I opened the door, and I saw Olayemi. She greeted me, and I replied to her, I told her to enter, and she did, and I shut the door, but as I turned back to go back to where I had been sitting before Olayemi arrived, the next thing I saw was that Olayemi was already on her knees crying. I asked what happened; she told me that she never meant to do what she did. She said she really loved me, and she had been expecting me to ask her out, but I didn't.

She said she was frustrated, and that's why she had decided to come and ask me the other time; what I said was not what she was expecting to hear, and that's why she decided to destabilize everything. I smiled and walked to her and lifted her up to stand on her feet, then l held her hands as I looked her in the eyes. I told her that I understood everything and she should not worry, that everything would be okay, then we hugged. As I pulled her head closer to my chest, she was even crying more. I patted her on her back and told her not to cry anymore; then, she told me that she was ready to marry me and take care of my son just like her own. She promised to be a good wife, and she will always abide by the rules I give to her. This made me happy a lot, and I hugged her more tightly.

After the crying had reduced, I released her body from mine, and I asked her to smile for me; she did as she was using her hands to clean the tears on her face."So, now you finally got what you want, right?" I asked her just to tease her. She smiled and nodded her head. I held her hand, and we both walked into the bedroom.

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