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The story is all about a beautiful lady named chichi who met the love of her life, Kenneth, a very handsome guy from a wealthy family, who was supposed to beautify her world as she thought; let's see what became of her when they eventually got married.

Clara could not hold back her tears as she listened to Cleopatra as she was narrating the calamity that had befallen their friend Chichi. Well, you see, Clara, Cleopatra, and chichi had been friends since childhood, they did almost everything together to the extent one would think that they were related by blood, but they got separated when they gained admission into the university. Clara was given a scholarship to study medicine abroad, while chichi and Cleopatra were given admission to AAU to study accounting.

Clara finds it difficult to believe what had happened to her friend chichi and her husband Kenneth; they shared a beautiful, romantic love story. Chichi and Ken met each other during their first year in school; their love was so strong that no one could go in between them, and they were inseparable. Kenneth is a very handsome guy; he is caring, gentle, kind, and nice, and he is from a wealthy family. But his parent never approved of his relationship with chichi because she does not belong to the same class as them.

But regardless of Kenneth's parents' disapproval of Ken and chichi relationship, Kenneth still stood by her side and went ahead to marry chichi; because of his action, his parents disowned him and got all his account freezer. This was the beginning of their suffering because Kenneth had no other means of survival; he had no job and was not used to that kind of hard way of living all life; he had known no suffering; his parent's wealth was his only means of survival.

Story continues...


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