How lust can be effectively managed...In the world of humans, where every command of nature is unaltered, lust is a strong desire that is generally longed after by almost everyone. And as a man, there is an unavoidable high tendency for one to crave things like sleek new cars, clothing of high textiles, new sophisticated accessories, and what a few.

Cravings for sexual contact are also not an exception; it is a desire that is continuously going to reoccur throughout every generation as each person is made to experience a strong feeling of sexual desire at his or her adolescent stage. This latter kind of craving is better described as a passion of the flesh that wages war against a soul. In other words, if strict carefulness and some important due processes are not taken, one can undoubtedly overcome it. And when this happens, then one would be made to act unconsciously under the control of the flesh.

If possibly you find yourself being controlled by lust, do not worry; it's never an issue, for It's natural and almost irresistible. But as soon as you come to the realization of it. There are some steps that you must be resolved to follow if you really intend to free yourself or you desire not to be enslaved by it. The first of all that is expected of you is to keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life. Like James, Allen would say. "You are exclusively the product of your own thought." 

It's normal to admire and appreciate the beauty of the angelic nature of that lady in your street or that handsome-looking man at your working place. But if the admiration has gotten to the stage when you can't help but wish the both of you could be alone. Then cease from it before what you consider normal drives you to do the abnormal. So, in essence, be selective in the kind of thought you have for the opposite gender and be skeptical enough to find an answer as to the reason why you admire them. Is it the admiration to have them to yourself?. Or just to appreciate the artistic work of God in their life.

Every man is entitled to their own decision, and that is why everyone must bear the consequences of his or her actions. You become what you practice most and, in turn, be delighted to do what you watch most. How on earth can it ever be possible for one to be free from the restraint of lust when one is still engaged in the things that promote the unnecessary passion of the flesh. Like, you cannot provide every essential nutrient and condition for a plant and expect it not to grow. 

 Remember also that if any desire is fertilized by occasions that trigger its repeated recall, then the desire can easily develop into a real mind monster, breaking down self-control and paving the way to serious psychological difficulties. That is why you will see a full-grown man longing to have sexual affairs with a premature girl who is his own daughter's equal. Again, a young boy who desires to build a mansion and buy the latest car even before attaining the age of eighteen(18).

In conclusion, help yourself by being disciplined, being contented, and never being deceived by the unprofitable things society at large embraces. Be of good cheer, endeavor not to get too intimate with anyone, and learn how to express your love equally towards everybody in these few ways. Believe me; lust would have no place to thrive in your life.


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