Lust In Her Beauty

She was a beauty to behold. Her eyes are so wonderful and intoxicating. They were so alluring and dazzling, such that could light up any dark place. I saw myself melting for this Angel at a first sight. Could this be love?

The temptation was too much to resist, her beauty was something out of this world, I wanted her there and then. I will make her mine, I said to myself without a second thought. Deep down in my heart, I knew that this was wrong. How can I be this stupid not to realize I was fantasizing about another woman that's not my wife? My beautiful wife has been with me through thick and thin, was it right to cheat on her just like that? We've been together for 8years and have been blessed with a beautiful daughter and a wonderful son. How can I just throw all that away in a few seconds? I was battling within my spirit, trying to analyze the whole thing. But my wife is not going to find out anyway, what she doesn't know cannot kill her.

Having this lady is going to give me joy tonight, after all, they say ''do what makes you happy''. In just a second I was already conversing with her, we got along pretty well, exchanged contacts, and made an arrangement to meet somewhere private during the week. That very day changed everything in my marriage. I began to see my wife differently. She was no longer the sweet loving woman I used to know, all her efforts to make me happy were fruitless. My heart was somewhere else, the mysterious lady I met at the bar was all over my head. Nothing interested me anymore in my own home. Going to meet up with my mysterious lady made me so anxious. Is she going to like me? What if she doesn't show up? I was filled with anxiety. I turned my wardrobe upside-down changing different outfits. I wanted to look my best in other to impress her. Thank goodness my wife wasn't around that very day.

On entering the hotel, I sighted her at the reception. I was pleased to see her already waiting for me. My heart was lit with joy and I couldn't wait to devour this sweet mysterious beauty. We exchanged pleasantries, then she informed me she had already booked a room for us. No way! Is she for real? Oh wow! This is the kind of woman every man is looking for, someone who's independent. Not those chewing gum ladies who are looking for a man to bill all the time. Her skin was soft and smooth, just like that of a newborn, I wanted to feel every part of her body. Her body fragrance had a sweet scent like the Lily of the Valley, it drew me closer and closer to her. Her alluring eyes made it more difficult to resist her. I wanted more, more of her body. I was lost in my lustful thoughts. ''My name is Lucia''. She whispered to my left ear, calling me back to reality. What a beautiful name; I said. I would love us to meet up again Lucia'' if you don't mind? She smiled without saying a word.

A few days later she sent me a video on WhatsApp. It was my nude video with her in the hotel. ''What the f**k'', I screamed. My wife ran out immediately after she heard my voice. ''Honey, what is the problem'', she asked. No... nothi... nothing.. nothing at all, it was just something I saw on the internet. I tried to cover up the whole thing but I guess my wife wasn't convinced. Lucia started to blackmail me with the video, extorting money from me all the time. I pleaded with her severally but she threatened to trace my wife and show her the video. I had no other option than to succumb. My wonderful wife, betraying her was the worst mistake of my life.

It was already 8:30 pm, I was preparing to go and meet up with Lucia as arranged by her. My wife was dressed as if she was going somewhere. Babe, this one you're dressed like this, are you going somewhere? I asked. ''Yes my husband'', she replied. ''Don't worry, I won't take too long''. She added. I have never questioned my wife before and this was the first time for her to leave the house at night. I didn't have the time to find out from her where she was going at the moment, so I had to let her go and talk things over with her later. Lucia was already calling me, she sent me a threatening message when I didn't pick up. My wife left a few minutes before me. I didn't bother much because the kids were with their nanny.

''Oh, you're the bitch that's been giving my husband sleepless nights huh''? I heard my wife's voice and turned immediately, behold she was the one. She walked directly toward Lucia and me, yelling and pointing at Lucia. Her voice sounded thunderous and she was ready to devour Lucia in a second. I was speechless, I couldn't say a word. I just watched my wife give her the beat of her life, seized her phone, and deleted every damn thing in it. ''Honey, let's go home'', she said. From that very day, I learned my lesson.

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