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Magic Word Thank You

There are many magic words but I decided to write about the magic word (Thank You)


Dad - Mr Johnson

Mum - Mrs. Johnson

Bayo  )

Susan ) The children ( triplets) of Mr. and Mrs Johnson

Shelter )

Pelly - The friend of Susan

Scene 1

( Inside the dining room of a house are seated Dad, Susan, Shelter, and Bayo, ready to eat. )

Mum: ( comes in ) 

Susy: Mum, why were you late with the cooking of the food? 

Bayo: I am so hungry, I can consume a bowl of rice now.

Shelter: Before nko.( hisses ) Talkative

Bayo: Why are you hissing at me? 

Dad: Two of you, stop arguing.

Mum: I was washing your school uniforms; you know you are supposed to wash them.

Susy: Wow, that's good.

Shelter: I hope you didn't wash Bayo's own. ( eyeing him angrily).

Bayo: Dad, Shelter has started again.

Susy: Why do you just like fighting? But Bayo started it first. You lied that if you are hungry, you could consume a bowl of rice. You know that if you are not hungry, you can eat five bowls of rice. You are now saying rubbish in this place. Get away, liar.

Shelter: Susy, thank you ( the triplet starts fighting)

Dad: If I hear any word, three of you are not eating today. I helped you to buy the new textbooks you asked for.

Bayo: Dad, did you prepare for our birthday? It is coming up next week.

Mum: How do you expect us to tell you what the surprise is?

Dad: Leave them alone.

Mum: ( sighs and then serves the food). Children.

(When they have finished eating, The triplets 

go to their various rooms).

Dad: Do you notice that these children have not been appreciative at all?

Mum: I have noticed it, that is what I wanted to tell you. When we bought textbooks for them, I washed their school uniforms.

Dad: We need to do something about it if we do not do it. Who will do it? Let's talk to them about it to them tomorrow.

Mum: (yawns) I am going to sleep, or is there anything to talk about again?

Dad: Nothing, except that I'm going to Lagoon City tomorrow.

Mum: Okay.

They go to their bedroom.

Curtain falls.


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