Make Your Craft Incr-edible

If your craft was edible, what would it taste like? Would it be the first choice of many people if it was listed on a menu? What difference would you make to ensure that it tastes better and is more satisfying than the rest?

My best delicacy is pounded yam with vegetable soup that has varieties of meat buried in it, but I don’t dare eat anywhere I please. The person, the environment, and the ingredients are important items that need to be considered before I decide to order a plate.

 Your food can be sumptuous, but if it is cooked in a dirty environment, it repels customers. The same happens when you have a beautiful outlet coupled with terrible customer service and tasteless food; the exterior and interior are admired, but the content is nothing to be proud of. The same applies to your craft.

 Nothing displeases a potential customer more than a man who claims to be a professional but handles his business nonchalantly. You need to understand that what people buy from you is not your craft but the dedication you had in order to produce such an amazing outcome.

 Dedication is not even enough to get them drawn toward you; it is your attitude, which is an important factor, that either tramples on or appreciates the numerous sacrifices you have made. If your craft was edible, what would it taste like? Would it taste sour, sweet, or a little bit of both? To make your pursuit of mastery worthwhile in your craft, your attitude toward your business needs to be appealing, and you need to be deliberate to be outstanding. Be willing to learn and make do with whatever useful information you can find. Ask questions, and you can simply get a mentor who is highly skilled in what you do to put you through it.

You can’t do this alone.

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