Mama Nnukwu

This is a story about a boy who went to live with his grandmother. He faces so many frightful experiences but unknown to him; his grandmother is a witch.

F is for Fejiro, who started living with his grandmother when he was nine. Mama was everything which was good. He even loved her more than his own mother. Two weeks after Fejiro came to live with Mama Nnukwu, as she was fondly called, he noticed he wasn't the only child staying with her; early every morning, he could hear the bitter voices of children as they went out to do their house chores, some will even go as far as the stream to get water. "Those are your cousins."Mama Nnukwu told him the day he asked. But he never got to see those cousins face to face.

Perhaps they usually go out after doing their house chores, he thought. Tomorrow he would be turning 18, and Efe, his best friend, had been missing for some time now. He was in the living room, his eyes fixed on the TV set, when he heard a whooshing sound like four people just ran passed him. He heard another sound, but this time around, it was followed by whispers which seemed to belong to people he couldn't see.

He got up feeling uneasy; he was the only one at home, but where were the voices he heard coming from? He quickly ran to Mama Nnukwu's room; there was an old telephone there; maybe he could use it to reach her since his phone's battery was down. He got to her door, his hands on the knob, when he froze. "I'm tired of staying here; I want to go and rest." He heard a voice say, "I have been living here for the past thirteen years; I'm sure my family could have forgotten about me."Another one spoke bïtterly, "I want revenge; I'm tired of being chained." "I'm I also chained? What about my body? "

He heard a voice. It was Efe's; without hesitating, he pushed the door open. He froze,his heartbeat stopped, and his eyes almost fell out of their socket. Mama Nnukwu's room was bare except for an old mat and lots of big calabashes. And there staring at him were about twenty heads without bodies which stared back at him, a few others where heàdless corpses. Efe's head sat on a body that didn't belong to him. "Are you the new boy? "They all asked in unison."Run, you better run. Tomorrow you will join us, and maybe you might be büried alive, and your soul will keep on wandering and being enslaved like ours."

A head which was already décayed and the remaining pieces of flesh on his face were already falling off said to him. As if a whistle was being blown, the heads began rushing into the calabashes while the bodïes entered into the walls. "Mama Nnukwu is back ." One of them cried.

EPISODE 2 ( Final part) Who quickly ran to the living room and sat as if nothing happened. Mama Nnukwu walked to the living room and saw him sitting calmly, watching a season movie. "I didn't see you here when I walked in." "I went to drink water." He lied. She gave Fejiro a long hard stare. She already knew he had gone into her room. That was the reason she felt suddenly weak. She didn't have to bother herself; everything would happen tomorrow. But first, she really needed to test him. "Go to my room and get me my purse." Fejiro looked fearfully at her; he wasn't going back there again. Just then, he heard feets shuffling. He felt someone come in. "Mama, we are here." Fejiro heard; he lifted his head slowly and met the shock of his life. Indeed it was "We are here " because the body which was standing close to him had no head. Under its arm was the head which had spoken.

He pretended not to see this after all; he had not any idea of what was happening. Mama Nnukwu nodded, and they left. Mama Nnukwu watched him keenly before speaking. "Go and get me my purse."She said again. Shaking like a wet leaf, he got up and walked to the room, which she had never asked him to enter before. The door made a creak as he got in. The room still looked the same, but this time, a côffin was at the end of the room.

Slowly the door began to close by itself, and before he could realize what was happening, the door shut itself. His heart pounded; he knew he was dôomed. Just when he was thinking of a way out, the door opened, and she walked in. "In your next life, mind your business. Your death was supposed to be less painful because I had grown to love you." She pointed a dagger at him."Now enter the côffin."She commanded. "No."He yelled back, surprised at his outburst."You can't take my soul. You can't kïll me like the others." And with that, he charged at her with all the strength he had, but he was no match for her.

They engaged in a long férocious battle, and with the little strength he had, he kicked her, and the knife fell from her hand. He quickly rushed to get it before she could get up. He raised it and stabbed her in the heart repeatedly. "This is for Efe, for my cousins and other children you had kïlled." Then he pushed her into the coffin and closed it. He heard a loud whooshing sound than all the calabash got bigger and broke into pieces releasing the souls which had been trapped.

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