Marriage Of Our Time

"Till death do us part"; Such they mutter; "In good and in bad"; This they assert on the altar;

"Till death do us part",
Such they mutter.
"In good and in bad",
This they assert on the altar.

" Let no one put assundder,
What God has joined together".
"Comes rain, comes shine,
You will forever be mine"........

These and others were their chants.
But what happens to the marriage of this age?
Several cases of numerous pages.
" It is not do or die",
They cry.

This marriage of our time!
Covenant forgotten,
Expectations not gotten.
Responsibilities forsaken,
Submission not given.

This generation!
Can we go back to the old-time?,
When marriage was a prime
And couples paid the price.

When a jewel was priceless,
every bride in the family was an empress.
When boys were brought up
and became emperors of their hut.
Can we go back to the old-time?
When mothers disciplines
and fathers chastises.

But this marriage of our time!
If it works out or not, they don't care about it,
Civilization and computer age are just ruining it.

We all want convenience,
To be addressed as "excellency".
quickly wanting from the platter of gold,
While wasn't such in the time of old.

In marriage;
A lot of prices to be paid,
Beyond the dowry you paid.
A lot of price to be paid,
Even after your dowry is being paid.

" My parameter to measure a successful marriage is the ability for a man and woman to cleave together till death do them part" (Gen 2:24).
God bless and uphold your present and future union!
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