Olayemi Faith 4 months ago


Bold strokes of a confident hand; The painting is a masterpiece; Executed as planned;


Bold strokes of a confident hand,
The painting is a masterpiece,
Executed as planned,
This is not a tease.

Align the lines,
That should be me,
Not gonna lie,
It was almost me.

Paint me yeah,
That's me there?
Nah,do it well,
Yes,almost near.

Tear me,
Mould me,
Draw me,
Write me,
Paint me,
Those ain't me.

Bring it here,
I'd do it myself,
the way I want,
not what you have on that shelf.

All shades of wrong,
that's not my colour,
I'd paint myself while I hum this song,
and don't dare hold my collar.

I'm my masterpiece,
the only one that could work on myself,
I have said my piece.
for I love myself.

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