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Mate Duel

Mate duel: Just a duel between mates. How hard could it be?

The Daredevil duel is a few minutes away. Scared? A bit. I mean, who wouldn't be? Having a full crowd of big furry werewolves howling in excitement as alphas from two powerful packs compete to be this year's Daredevil and be publicly known as the most powerful, fiercest, and strongest of all in the werewolf world. It is absolutely glorious and has very impressive perks like being the commander in chief and right-hand man to the royal wolf family till another dethrones him after a two-year tenure. Pretty rad if you ask me. The sound of howling behind the gate brought the audience out of their chitchat. 88% of the audience were in their human form, while few chose to be in their werewolf form. The large Forest ground was filled to the brim as no one wanted to miss the fight of the year. The gate opens, and the referee, dressed in only a pair of trousers and with a bare chest, walks in to announce the rules.

"No killing and no external objects can be used. First to surrender loses", he spoke as loud as his voice could allow him. And with that, he steps aside, and contestant one walks into the circular stage. Loud cheering and howls can be heard as supporters from the audience show their support for him. He is very well known as he is the current commander in chief (3 times in a row, actually). The 29 years old, 6ft 6inches tall, broad-shouldered muscular man waves his hands in acknowledgment to his fans. He is a very handsome man, admittedly and obviously too, as female werewolves could be seen swooning at his naked physique. Soon the noise died down as everyone was at the edge of their seats in anticipation of who the other contestant might be. 

A figure covered with a black cloak walks in; with a few seconds to build up the tension, they pull the cloak off and fling it to the ground, completely revealing themself to the public. Everywhere is dead silent now as everyone stares in shock at the person in front of them. Seconds passed, and murmurings followed."A female?" "What's a woman doing on the dueling stage?" "Does she intend to fight Alpha Xavier?" "she must be crazy; Alpha Xavier is definitely winning this year for sure" "Wait! Could she be the Alpha from the crescent pack that has been in hiding since birth?" "what!! No way"...Conservations like these could be heard amidst the chatter.

Usually, the opponent is not made known to the masses until the day of the fight for safety reasons, and although female wolves are allowed to participate, there hasn't been a female fighter in years. And yes, females can be Alphas too. Well! This is going to be an unforgettable duel. Alpha Xavier is also not left out as he is dumbstruck by the female in front of him. Something felt off with his now disorganized self. The woman, probably in her mid-twenties, 6ft 3inches, I presume, is probably the most beautiful lady present with her oval face and dark hair tied in a bun. Although she doesn't look like a fighter, her eyes hold fierce determination and self-confidence. Following the normal rituals, she walks forward till she is in front of the alpha and offers her hand for a handshake. "Alpha Eva from the crescent pack," she introduces.

After successfully wiping the shocked, confused look off his face, which took about 10 seconds, He extended his hands to shake her as well. "Alpha Xavier from Raven pack," he responds as they both join hands. Almost immediately, the word "mate" fell from their lips as their hands met. The crowd is left speechless yet again. "What's this? Alpha Xavier has found his mate?" "Alpha Eva is his mate; what are the odds?" "Mates and duel rivals? Unbelievable!"...Murmuring begins again as everyone speaks their minds. Werewolf mates are destined life partners assigned to werewolves by the moon goddess. On their first encounter, they are usually drawn to each other by their unique smell and are confirmed as mates when body contact is made. Over time the mate bond creates an unbreakable connection between the two that they even feel each other emotions and pain when the other is in danger, especially after mating. It's just like human marriages but much more intense and sacred. 

The referee discusses in a hushed tone with the royal family who was watching as well and returns to the stage."Would you like to continue the duel?" He asked the duo. A look of uncertainty clouds Xavier's face as he is still reeling in shock. If Eva is shocked, then she did a really good job at concealing it, but her eyes soften a little as they are both locked in a stare-down with an indifferent face."Yes," she says firmly. All eyes turn to Xavier for his answer. Seconds later and then... "Yes," He says boldly, putting on a blank expression. What could be going through his mind?.DEFINITELY going to be an unforgettable fight. "Let the fight begin," The referee declares, followed by long howls. Xavier and Eva move to the center of the stage with their Daredevil face on. After a series of rounding, Xavier moves in first with a side punch which was successfully blocked by Eva, and she sends a counterattack on his face. They both step back from the impact. Even though Xavier wasn't bruised from it, it was clear her punch was hard and firm. It seems Xavier was going easy on her, not wanting to hurt his mate badly, but Eva wasn't having any of it. 

A little smirk plays on Xavier's lips, and something like...pride?...could be seen in his eyes. He moves in again with the same technique, but this time it's a feint, and an uppercut follows, catching Eva unaware and hitting her on her chin. Her fair skin is bruised red by it. She counters with a right leg kick feint and a full face punch on his nose. It lands, and Xavier is left with a bloodied nose. It continued for about 10 minutes and got more intense as time passed by. Werewolves heal faster, so there were no worries about that, but the mate bond made the fight harder because although they just met and haven't mated, there is still some kind of connection that makes them affectionate towards each other want to protect them at all cost. But fighting each other like's going to be heart-wrenching. Cheers could be heard from the crowd. Some were chanting Alpha Xavier, others chanting Alpha Eva. Some betting was even going on at the corner of the field.

Back to the fight...Eva seems to have gotten a broken arm and bloody ear, while Xavier has a wounded stomach and bloody kneecap. No one was ready to surrender yet. At this point, Eva transforms into her wolf to enable faster healing, Xavier follows suit, and they resume fighting. Alpha wolves are much bigger than normal ones, and the males are usually a bit bigger than females. Xavier's wolf was jet black in color and huge; he had a mix of electric blue and red in his eyes. Eva's was a silvery shade and still huge but not up to Xavier. Her eyes were green with tints of red in them.

She charges at Xavier with full force in what looked like the final technique and last fight. Knocking his wolf to the ground, she immediately aims for his neck and bites down hard. 

Everybody was silent with shock at what looked like the impossible. There was Alpha Xavier's wolf lying unconscious on the stage and Alpha Eva's wolf standing tall with blood on her snout.

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