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Maturity Is Not An Avenue For Stupidity❌

A man's biological clock is no respecter of his decisions or mistakes, it keeps ticking regardless.


"I can't wait to be 18; I can't stand my parents asking me questions about my whereabouts."The year should just run fast; I'm tired of being accountable to my parents; I want to be " FREE LIKE A BIRD. Chai!, Look at how Juliet goes out and comes back anytime she pleases, and yet her parents do not ask her anything.

Dave goes to the club every Friday, and yet no one scolds him. Becky has four boyfriends, and her mum is not saying anything about it. Felix goes to the brothel every night, and he's not accountable to anyone. God, when? I want to break loose from this bondage of a Home. My parents are too protective. I want to chill with the big boys and girls. I want to... I want to...Ah ah! Calm down, fes😏Your blood is too hot 😊 I know you want to explore your young age; funny enough, I once thought this way. When I was 15, I would always pray to God to cause the year to run fast, I wanted to be 20 so badly, so I would explore all the thoughts I had in my mind and go on many adventures. It's going to be "FUN," so I thought😏 , not until I encountered JESUS and became 20 that the narrative changed; as it is right now, I am not concerned about pleasures and enjoyment of life; what's on my mind right now is how to accomplish that purpose that God has assigned to me.

I didn't say it's not good to enjoy while you can, but it becomes more interesting and soothing when you know that your future is secured. I was so tired of being accountable to my parents, I wanted FREEDOM, and then SCHOOL was my only Hope then to explore all my desires but now, I'm in school, what happened?🤷‍♀️ Nothing🤦‍♀️

I only discovered that I have a lot of responsibility to take up, and if I don't get serious with my life, nobody will help me. Dear Young One, Growth is a call to responsibility. As you grow, your mentality changes. You'll begin to see things in a different light, far beyond what you thought it was. Maturity is not an avenue to live a reckless life, act stupid, go to all the clubs in town, have as many girlfriends and boyfriends as you desire, Sleepout with no one to call or ask you any questions, and so on...

It is way more than that. It is a stage in a man's life when he's faced with the "reality of life" and is left with a "CHOICE" to either; "GET SERIOUS WITH HIS LIFE OR LIVE" RECKLESSLY THE DECISIONS YOU MAKE TODAY WILL DETERMINE HOW PROFITABLE YOUR FUTURE WILL BE. Do not let your obsession with FREEDOM lead you into doing something that will destroy your glorious future. Invest in Knowledge now and reap a beautiful future. UNTIL YOU GET SERIOUS WITH YOUR LIFE, NO ONE WILL TAKE YOU SERIOUS -Dora Joe. Think of how to discover and fulfill that assignment that God has assigned unto you Rather than think of how you want to waste away your time in reckless living when you get to that age. And as you work toward that future you desire, Seek Jesus first, Let knowing Jesus be your priority, and every other thing will fall in place.


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