A true story... What I'm about to tell you is very personal and should not be taken lightly. I know some people will think that this is fiction. Well, you're allowed to believe what you want.

First of all, my name is Victoria. I'm a writer. I just started writing on this space a few months ago. In fact, my Facebook account is only about three months old. Anyway, moving on, I'm about to narrate something that happened to me not quite long ago. My eyes are filling up with tears as I write this. I haven't always been me. I used to be someone completely different. Hard, indifferent, insensitive, wicked, evil, promiscuous, those were the words that were used to describe me. I didn't mind them. I loved the names. I loved the hatred. The hostile looks, the whispered remarks, the secret backlash... everything. I considered myself to be "Lucifer's daughter." Oh! How I loved that name. LoL 😅I considered the devil my father.

I did everything that was considered sinful. At a young age, I was already watching pornography. I indulged in sexual practices with my neighbor. She was younger than me. I even threw myself at some older men in the neighborhood. They played with my body, and I loved it. I also stole. I was very good at snatching things without anyone noticing. My innocent face made it easier for me since no one would believe I would do such a thing. Fools 😂.I only acted nice on the outside, but only my family and a few close friends knew how I was. I had no respect for my parents. They were weaklings in my eyes. They would get angry and shout at me anytime I tried to kill my younger brother. They would beat me up, but I never shed a tear. Every scar they implanted in my skin only made me hate them the more.

Several times, I had poisoned their food, but it never showed any effect on them. I was angry to bits whenever that happened. Anyway, to cut this long story short, I met someone who changed me for good. She was my classmate in school, and of course, I hated her. I did everything I could to make life terrible and miserable for her but for some reason; she never hated me back. She would always greet me with a smile every morning and help me with a lot of things. She even visited me when I was down. It took a long time, but her love started to grow on me. I was shocked at how much love a person could have for someone like me. She always told me that it was her father's wish that she show love to everyone, and that was what she was doing. I asked her to tell me more about her father, and she did. Before very long, I gave my life to Christ.

Deborah was her name, and because of her love and sacrifice, I changed from being a child of the devil to being a child of God. Sadly, though, three days ago, she was involved in an accident that claimed her life. The pain is excruciating. I never thought that I'd lose someone so special to me in my entire life. I've been hiding the pain behind this social media curtain, but inside, my heart is broken. I'm completely shattered 😭 I feel like just dying, but I wouldn't want my friend's effort on me to be in vain.

That's why I've decided to spread this message. Show love to someone today. Stop all the hate. The racism, the segregation, the religious bias. There's a lot of evil going around in the world today. People are killing one another because of baseless and stupid reasons. Humans engage in sexual activities with animals. People are defrauding others and leading them to pain and possible suicide. All we need is love—true, unrelenting love for one another. Also, please, you don't know when you're going to leave this world. Death can come at any time. The question is, are you prepared? Where would you spend your eternity if you were to die right now? If you're not sure, then it's time to repent.

I'm not perfect. And I'm not close to being holy, but by His grace and strength, I will overcome the trials and temptations of this world. And maybe someday, I'll get to see Deborah again. Maybe. Maybe. That's perfect. That will be the title of this story. 😂 P.S. if you haven't gotten the scope yet....none of these things happened. I just made it up. Thanks for reading 😄.

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