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It poetry that talks about the wandering of the heart....when one is being enclosed into something they want freedom...but the quest for that freedom isn't fretch coming.

Here I'm deep in thought
Wondering where next to go
Like Alice in the wondering land
Feasting with mystic creatures 
Aligning with them for a better tomorrow

But they left me with a wandering heart 
Telling me the secrets to my tomorrow
Lays within my reach. 
And the steady rhythm of my heart
Which only I choose to dance to

Mystic creatures, wouldn't you all tell me what these mysteries are all about? For the beating of my heart is an unhealthy rhythm I choose not to dance to
How then can you say my tomorrow lays therewith within me?

They turn to me and shook their heads and yet began their journey eastward
Come back I called out to them 
Come back and speak to me in a language I can interpret and understand. I wailed continuously for a little self-pity
But their sympathetic heart is blocked and sealed up never to feel emotions

How did I find myself here?
I thought their answer is the root to plant my success? As I walked into my tomorrow
With great gladness and profound mission
to conquer the unconquerable

I wandered here and there, thoughtful for a while
Mesmerizing with their deep confusing words
Seeking wisdom to reveal the things I understood not. But I'm left more bewildered than before
then a silent voice arouses in mind and I hear a still voice saying; "the secrets of my tomorrow lay within my reach"
What could that mean I conversed with the voice?

How do I know the secrets? How do I use it do my tomorrow?
Yet I'm still left confused
Oh how I wished I haven't layed up all my hopes on these mystics creatures who have nothing to offer me
I taught they are the answers to my troubled heart but Alas! I was wrong!

Mystics creatures are never to be trusted 
Their existence should be destroyed, cos they hold no value to quenching the desires of those seeking to find answers.
As I was led to believe  

Then again the silent voice arouses in mind the second time as I hear the still voice saying; the secrets of your tomorrow lay within your reach

oh well you be silent oh yee voice and let me be
Has my confusion not satisfied you enough?
Yet you seem to have the joy to torment me unjustly

I walked here and there pounding deeply in thoughts again as my arms above my back without resting
Why does the voice keep talking?
What signs have I overlooked?
What things have I left untouched?
I wished my heart peace like a calm storm after raging all nights

Then again the silent voice arouses again in mind the third time as I hear the still voice saying; the secrets of your tomorrow lay within your reach
Will this voice ever be still?
haven't I wondered enough?
Haven't I thought all through?
Why yee keep repeating yee voice to me
If the secrets of my tomorrow lay within my reach, why wouldn't yee tell me what you meant?

I'm but a mortal being who has no idea of what tomorrow holds
The breaking of new dawn lays in the hands of immortals who control and tell the unreached time of the great beyond
On whose powers do I possess the secrets of tomorrow?
On whose command do I tell what tomorrow brings?

if the mystics creatures fail me will thou still voice fail me too?
you are conjoined within me and yee know what I don't know of.
What keepest thou from revealing the meanings to these wordings yee keep telling me
I know my quest for answers is tirelessly nonstop…

But I can't continue to live a life full of melancholy cos I know not what lays ahead of me
The secrets yee tell me about, what does it hold?
does it have to do with my unique gift? The creature of all the universe has bestowed me with?

If indeed It is, how do I use it for tomorrow?
How does it erases my past adventures and unite me with a new clean slate?.
I pondered, I thought, I worried yet no answer to my thoughts
Then again the silent voice arouses in mind the fourth time, I hear a still voice saying; you have gotten that you seek for, the unique gifts that lay within your reach is your answer for your tomorrow

I laughed, I chuckled, I smiled, knowing that the quest of my tomorrow is now understood
I then recall the mystics creatures haven't deceived or lied to me. I was but impatient to understand what they meant all along
Now I know that mystics creatures are not to destroy but human hearts need only to be patient in other to walk through tomorrow.
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