As a child I wanted to be a doctor, I've never been scared of blood or needles or any of that, I was always the dauntless one, taking a bold step when I'm ready to without looking back or having double thoughts about it.

Then I wanted to be a lawyer, because this one time I followed my mum to work, I just liked the way the lawyers around acted; some stood around having intelligent conversations, some walked briskly as if their lives depended on it as they are maybe hurried to their various courtrooms, some looked smart in their white and black wear.

My mum would say you ask way too many questions, my child; you'd thrive really in being a lawyer. She'd say I argued a lot, too, which meant I had my own opinions as a child even. I wasn't really sharp-mouthed; I was a really quiet child, not your regular baby girl 🤣 but I had this firmness about me when it mattered.

So my parents couldn't come to terms with it when I said I wanted to go to school to study English and Literary Studies, you will never find a job, they said, what kind, of course, is that they added. I had started to express myself more in writing and fell so much in love with it because it came easy to me. They never really understood anyway.

I ended up studying mass communication, which is a fantastic course, by the way. It broadened my knowledge of what communication really is, as it's something we can't really do without. I'm glad that I still get to do what I love at the end of the day, as I give myself to it, hoping to grow and get better at it.

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