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MEMORIES THAT MAKE YOU SMILE: A short recollection of an incident from my childhood that most people who were born and bred in Nigeria can relate with.

Have you ever randomly thought about events or incidents that occurred when you were still a kid growing up, and you just smiled and wondered at the silliness of it all? Two such episodes came to mind this week, and I have to share them. Before I begin, though, let's all remember that I am a Nigerian, born and bred in Nigeria, which means that my experiences are entangled with my parent's influence. This is common in my country, where parents have a lot of influence on their kids.

It all began when my colleagues and I were discussing movies from years past, and one of them happened to mention the seasonal movie 'SMALLVILLE," and then BOOM!, I was transported 12 years into the past. As a kid, movies like Small Ville, Merlin, Legend of the Seeker, Twilight, etc., were very much common, but unfortunately for us, my dad is not a fan of those kinds of movies. He would always get us cartoons and personally Screened Nigerian movies, plus he always made sure that he subscribed to all the kids-related networks on our cable. Anyways, Sorry for digressing. 

On that particular day, we borrowed our neighbor's 'Small Ville' movie and watched season 1 in peace. We returned it and collected the season 2, but that was when yawa began to gas! It was evening, but because the movie was so interesting, we continued even after our dad returned home. "Wetin give us this kind morale?" You might have asked. My dears, it was because the movie was supposedly a superman story (How he got his strength, how he came to earth, etc.), but of course, we didn't know that Gbese(trouble) was waiting for us.

A few minutes after my dad sat down to watch the movie with us, Clark Kent (the protagonist of the movie) was infected with Red Kryptonite, and this made him start misbehaving. Ladies and gentlemen, before my siblings and I could say 'Jack'! Clark Kent started actively kissing Lana Lang, and we all froze. Personally, I couldn't believe my eyes, and in panic, I faced my immediate sister and whispered, 'No, be Superman be this"? Babe looked at me too in bewilderment, but she was lost for words. To make the matter worse, the so-called superman began tearing off the lady's clothes! The Blood of Jesus! Wahala! That's when all hell broke loose! 

My dad was fuming; I was praying for the dear ground to open up and swallow me as I rushed to the DVD and ejected the movie while still trying my best to convince my dad that I had no idea that something like that would be in the movie, it was superman for God's sake! To cut the whole story short, my dad gave us a verbal lashing like no other, and the grand finale of the whole episode was that he banned us from watching that movie ever again, and of course, the level of screening on the movies that came into the house increased. My mum joined in on Operation Watch what the kids are Watching, and that habit has continued in my house till today. But the funny thing is this, I am a ripe old age of 24 right now, and I still do not know what happened in Small Ville beyond Episode 1. My subconscious literally took my dad's ban to heart. Lol

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