Harmony From Thunders

Yes, I was scared; Because the voices were louder; I barely heard my heartbeats; But only my heart breaks;

Yes, I was scared
Because the voices were louder
I barely heard my heart beats
But only my heart breaks
The sound kept roaring like thunderstorns
And the rain drained through my epidermis

My feet stood still
Shrinking and shaking to untamed rhythm
All hope was lost for it was midnight
The day wouldn't wanna break
All Stars ran into hiding

Amidst the numerous thunder
I heard a sweet harmony
In the face of fear and pains
I found courage and joy
For a soft hand rested on my shoulders
With a still voice, soft and bold
Telling me "Keep walking, don't listen to the storm, make music out of it. You can be happy again."
That voice keep coming from a friend like you 
You always help me create harmony from THUNDERS
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