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Moment In The Sun

The short story "Moment In The Sun" talks about the importance of making good use of that period when things seems to be going smoothly for us because we never know what will happen tomorrow. Find out about what happened to Phil in this short story.

He opened his eyes for the first time in many months. His lips moved, but he was half delirious. He could see faintly a lady dressed in a white gown staring dreamily into his face with large whitening eyes. He felt stiff and, looking down, perceived that his legs were bandaged and hanged on a stand over his bed. Where am I? he asked faintly. Just calm down, you will be fine, the nurse replied and rushed out of the room like she was going to attend to something urgent. After she left, he looked around his surroundings to figure out where he was; he noticed that he was attached to a machine, giving a beeping sound as it worked; looking carefully at the machine, it looked so familiar to him, like he has seen it before, then he realized that he was attached to a life support machine like the ones he does see on movies. "I'm in a hospital? he mumbled gently," what could have brought me here"? He thought. While he was cracking his head on what could have brought him into the hospital, the nurse and a doctor came in.

How are you feeling, Mr. Phil? the doctor asked, checking his temperature."What brought me here"? he replied, ignoring the doctor's question. Just calm down; I will explain everything to you when you are perfectly OK, the doctor said. I'm not calming down; explain everything to me now, Phil replied almost on top of his voice. OK, fine, you've been in coma for the past three weeks, you were involved in a ghastly motor accident, and the remaining people in the vehicle with you were minorly injured, but your case was different, on a really different level, you lost your legs in the process. That will be all for now; I have other patients to attend to; I will check up on you when I'm down, the doctor said, touching his forehead. Before the doctor left the room, Phil overhead the doctor telling the nurse to keep an eye on him so he won't do anything stupid.

Phil was still in shock after the doctor's statement; at first, he thought he was dreaming, "I can't walk again," he mumbled quietly, and trickles of tears began to run down his cheeks. As the nurse was about to give Phil his injection, she noticed that he was crying, and she said, "Mr. Phil, I know with your status in the society, you will be so sad about your condition, but don't worry about everything will be fine, you will be back on feet soon" Phil gave no reply to the nurse statement, he was lost in his thoughts. When the nurse was done administering his drugs to him, he asked, "As any of my family members being here to pay me a visit?".

No one, we were all kind of surprised too, I mean, with your status, we expected this hospital to be filled with thousands of visitors, but no one came. Well, you have nothing to worry about; you will be fine, she replied and left his hospital bed. Phil was so disappointed when he heard that; he couldn't believe that none of his friends, family, or even fans had come to visit him since he was admitted to the hospital. Then he realized that no one cared about him despite his status in society, and even with the kind of fame he had gathered for himself, the thought of it made him sad. Phil is an actor and runway model, the previous year, he became the face of Gucci's Bamboo perfume brand, and he has featured on the cover of many top magazines in the country, including cosmopolitan, glamour, and so on.

Phil's first international film role came as Kingsley in Rattle Snake, a role he reprised in several subsequent installments of the film franchise. Phil was dubbed the "biggest Nigeria Superstar" by local media outm9; in fact, three months ago, he was placed twice in the annual rankings of the world's highest-paid actors. Phil remembered how the accident happened; he was going with his crew members to shoot a movie somewhere in Abuja when it happened. He remembered that their car spun around four times before it finally somersaulted; he became unconscious when he hit his head on one of the metals in the car. Phil found it difficult to believe that no one even remembers him despite his fame, money, and connection, "What could be the problem?" he thought. "Did I deserve what they did to me?" he asked himself. He thought about how his career had been destroyed due to his leg condition; the thought of it made him sad.

Phil went down memory lane; he flashed back to the kind of life he lived when he was still OK. He was so rude and callous to everyone, including his family members. He looked down on anyone who came to him for assistance; most times, he hurled insults at them. All his crew members, friends, and even his manager feared him, and they tried not to get into his trouble. Phil remembered the last time his mum warned him against his kind of behavior, telling him that fame and wealth don't last forever and that he should make good use of the period that he is still in fame; he got angry and banned her from coming to his house, accusing her of cursing him, he warned her sternly not to step foot into his house again. As if that's not enough, he stopped giving her her monthly allowance, telling her to go and meet her other children to feed her.

Ever since then, his family members hated him the more, and they denied him as part of their family member. When he received the message that he had been denied as part of his family member, he did not really care because he felt he didn't need them for anything; moreover, he had all the wealth and fame in the world, and everything was going smooth for him. "I was so stupid; now I know why people abandoned me here," he said almost loudly and burst into tears. Phill was so carried away with his thoughts that he did not see the doctor entering his host room; the doctor was surprised to see him crying.

Looking curious, he asked, "Mr. Phil, what's the problem? Why are you crying?". It's nothing; I will be fine, Phil replied, cleaning his face. Don't tell me that; feel free to talk to me; the doctor said, touching his shoulders. With a cracky voice, Phil said, "My life is ruined; I've lost everything, my fame, connection, everything. Now I'm lame; I can't walk again; how do I cope?? No doubt, my career as an actor is destroyed. The worst part of it was I had no one to help me; I was so rude and callous to everyone around me because I felt I was better than them back then, even to the extent that my family members denied me. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would recorrect all my mistakes; I wished I made good use of my moment in the sun".

"I see. Can you now see the reason why it is good to be nice to people and, if possible, help them if you can, because that's what kindness is? It's not doing something for someone else because they can't, but because you can. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end. You see, I knew you even before you were admitted here; I've heard a series of rumors about you being rude and proud, that's why I was not surprised when no one came to visit you or even pay your hospital bill, although I've decided to help with that, Dr. Rotimi replied. Oh, that's so nice of you, sir, Phil replied. It's OK, well, it's not too late to change your ways, Dr. Rotimi said.

How? I'm lame already, Phil replied almost immediately. Not really; you will be back on your feet soon, although you will be on crutches for like three months; after that, you will be good, the doctor answered. I need a favor from you, Doc, Phil said, looking faintly. What could that be? the doctor asked. I want to apologize to my family members, if possible, to everyone that I've offended; my conscience is killing me, he said. It's fine; I will work on that; I will make sure your family members visit you before you get discharged here, he said, standing up from the chair. Thanks, Doc, for everything, Phil replied.

It's fine, but always remember that you must not let your ego get in the way to the extent that you will start thinking that you are better than everyone else; the fact that you are being treated like royalty today doesn't mean that you should act anyhow, everything is but for a little time. Don't forget that money and fame are one of the things that blind a perform the truth and humanity, is that clear? Mr. Rotimi said. Yes, sir, thanks so much, Phil said, smiling for the very first time. When the doctor left, Phil imagined the kind of life he was going to live when he was finally back on his feet. He imagined himself helping people, showing love to people, and also doing what he knows how to do best; acting. He couldn't wait to return back to his moment in the sun. 

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