How to begin your Monday morning...It's a beautiful Monday morning, and I'm pretty sure you don't want to begin your new week on the wrong foot.

It doesn't matter whether you are aware or not; most people, especially kids, teens, and young adults, do nurse what I call Mondayphobia; it's like an allergy they just can't get by it. Mondayphobia is that feeling that makes you resent Mondays cos you feel you're kinda lazy to get out of bed; perhaps you feel there are tons of leftover or fresh work to be done today; which is why you need to take a deep breath, stretch your legs, and relax your nerves and say to yourself, I can do it, I will make it.

To wrap up, Mondays are the beautiful day of the week. Don't let Mondayphobia ruin your day. 

Be all positive, and put off every negative energy - knowing too well that you are who you think you are. Block all negativity and allow all positivity.


Ubong E.A Zeal.

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