Mother Please Forgive Me

Good mothers are rare...Amos lived with his mother in the village, he is the only child and he never got to know who his father is.

His mother had huge and terrible scars all over her face and body; she also had some disabilities in both her hands and mouth. Sometimes, she looks very scary, especially to kids and young ones, and because of this, Amos hated the presence of his mother with passion. He hates to tell people that she is his mother or even to go out with her. Despite all these, Anna, Amos's mother, tried all she could to give her son the best she could ever afford. She struggled through thick and thin to make sure that Amos attended secondary School and higher institutions, yet, Amos never appreciated all these efforts. She didn't mind that her son despised her; all she wanted was the best for him.

After so many years, Amos graduated from the University as a lawyer, did his NYSC, and left for the city in search of work. Anna kept praying for her son every single day. Amos was able to get a well-paying job, and after some years of working, he became very wealthy and influential. All this while, he never for once visited his mother or even allowed Anna to visit him. Anna cried every night, hoping that one day his son would come to realize how much she loved him.

When she couldn't take it anymore, she asked around for her son's address, and luckily, she was able to get it. She traveled all the way from the village to the city of Lagos in search of her son.

When she got to the location, she marveled that her own son was living in so much affluent while she was in the village suffering and dying of hunger. She just couldn't believe her eyes; she knew her son hated her but never knew it was up to this level. She shook her head and proceeded to knock at the gate; she was ushered in by a security man. She walked in, and there was Amos drinking, eating, and enjoying herself with his friends.

Anna walked up to them, and Amos was extremely shocked to see his mother in his house and also right in front of his friends. "Who is this ugly-looking woman?" One of his friends asked. "Oh! That, she is one of these beggars that moves around looking for who to help them," Amos answered nonchalantly. Anna almost broke down in tears hearing her own son call her a beggar. It was indeed unbelievable. Amos dipped his hands into his pocket, brought out #2,000, and handed it to her; Anna, who had no choice, collected the money with tears brimming in her eyes. Amos asked the security man to send her out, and he continued chatting with his friends. Anna dejectedly left the building, sobbing silently.

Since it was already late in the evening, she had to sleep in one of the stores along the road and then left the following morning to the village. She was more than heartbroken. After a few weeks, Amos was in his living room when the security man came and delivered two letters to him.

He opened the first one, and it read: "Amos, you really need to come back home as soon as possible because your mother died two days ago and we have been trying to reach you" This was a letter from one of his uncles in the village. He also opened the second one, and on it was boldly written "To my dearly beloved son Amos" it was a letter from his mum, and it reads:

"Amos, my dear son, by the time you will be reading this letter, I must have gone to be with the Lord, but I want you to know that I love you so much. I know how much you hate me, and I also want you to know that I wasn't born this way. I was born just as beautiful and perfect as you are, but I turned out like this in an attempt to save you, my child. It happened when you were still a few months old; you were sleeping inside while your father and I were outside, and all of a sudden, our house caught fire and was burning aggressively.

Everybody, including your father, ran away, but I just couldn't let you die in such a gruesome way. I had to rush inside to save you; thank God the fire hasn't gotten to you. I got hold of you and covered you with my body, but because the fire was now very intense, it devoured my body, but my only happiness was that you were safe and sound. This was how I got these scars. Always have it in mind that I will always love you, my dear son; goodbye, son" After reading the letters, Amos was already in tears; his tears were uncontrollable. He hurriedly took his car key and rushed down to the village. After a few hours of driving, he got to the village, and truly his mother was already dead. He wailed and cried like a child; all the memories of what he did to his mother flooded his head. He should be dead by now, but his mother sacrificed herself for him. "Mother, please forgive me," He cried bitterly. He cried and cried, but the diamond woman had already left. He wailed and wept, but she never came back. He gave his mum a good burial and lived all his life in regret and sorrow.

My question for you today is, how do you treat that woman that brought you into this world? Do you despise, disrespect, and hate her for no reason? Do you think it's easy to have a fellow human grow in you for complete nine months? What about the pains, the stress, the sleepless nights, the restless days, the labor pains, and the relentless effort to make you grow into a better person? Cherish your mother and be the best you can be for her. You might not have all of now, but your love and care alone make her happy. Many have abandoned their parents and faced life and its enjoyment forgetting that one day, they will also become a mother or a father.


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