The experience of being a mum and the responsibility that comes with it is explicitly shown in this short poem.

The joy of motherhood is simply because I have you.
I'm almost certain heaven, because of you had a long queue.
Your birth was a surprise, beautiful like the sunrise.
I carried you in my womb, every day for 9 months without a wound.

My baby boy, you are right here in my arms.
For you, I can go through any cramp.
When I feel your tender skin, I remember the story of the blue sky sea.
From a million sperm, you came as a freshly made gem.

Ever wondered why your eyeballs turned out gray?
Very common for a child marked great.
You bring good vibes to the people around you.
And that makes me wonder how in you much uniqueness abounds.

This is beyond ecstasy, it's your existence as my very own legacy.
You aren't just blood and water, you are all that matters.
My son with whom I am well pleased.
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