Mr. Perfect

He was a perfect man. No man would ever match up...At age 12, her mother spoke heart to heart as her only child. She heard things like, "you must learn how to be a good wife to your husband. Be a good mother to your kids. Then watch yourself live happily ever after."

At age 18, she gained admission into the university. Suitors were lined up like they were in for a contest. But none were her, Mr. Perfect. Obviously, she didn't feel ready. Deemed it wise to focus on school. Rose was 6 ft tall. Her complexion kissed the sun as soon as it rose. She was the fairest of them all. Not that she bragged about her beauty. Whenever she stepped into a place, she stepped like a queen, and the atmosphere brightened up.

At level 3, Splitter noticed her and wouldn't utter a word but kept glaring at her while lectures went on. Oftentimes, their eyes locked up on each other, but Splitter shoved his eyes away like he wasn't staring. " Have you noticed how Splitter stares at you in class?" Shahanna, who was her best friend, asked.

Coincidentally, they graduated from the same high school, but Shahanna left before she did. And here they were in the same department and the same class."Yes, I noticed. I don't know why. And I don't care," Rose said briskly." "Well, I think he likes you." With a long Stare in her eyes, Rose hastened her step, leaving Shahanna behind as she approached her apartment in a rush. She began to hear steps like she was being followed. He was close. And then she stopped for a moment–Turned back. Here he was, standing in front of her. She tried to think of a way to avoid further conversations. But nothing was forthcoming.

"Hi." He said. Stammering in response, "Hi." He stared at her for a minute. Her beauty captivated him so that no words spilled from his mouth. So he requested if she could go on a date with him.

Her body language said it all, coupled with the normal response ladies would give when a guy requests a date with them. Splitter wouldn't press further but would let her have her way. Then they bid themselves farewell. It was the dawn of the final exams. They had become close friends but never gone out together. Even though Shahanna had advised that she goes out with him, her response had always been negative. So they all let it slide.

It was the dawn of final exams, and Splitter was going to ask her out the second time. He concluded in his heart that he must get a yes, and if not, he'll move and let her be. Their final exams were done. They sat close to each other at a canteen within the student's hostel. While Shahanna sat in the opposite direction, he made his request known. Shahanna makes winks and signs to her. She agreed. Their love story began. Everything that happened was rosy and sweet.

Although they had misunderstandings but were resolved before the sunset, she was alone in her apartment when Splitter visited. By now, he was used to her. Served himself a bottle of cold drink from the fridge and food from the kitchen. They both laughed at funny comedy skits and watched movies till they fell asleep on the couch. It was Rose who woke up in the middle of the night and helped Splitter to the room. That time, Splitter was now brightened up and saw her in her red nighty. Revealing the colors of her pants with her nipples staring back at him.

They both glanced at each other. His hands moved slightly, touching her face down to her lips. He drew her close to himself. Kissed mildly with sounds of smooching. Her breast– touched his body, and they went down together. Her eyes were teary at the sight of red stains on the bed. Blood! She had not done it. She was still a virgin. Her wails woke Splitter. He never noticed this was it. In a rage of regret, he apologized. "I'll love to be left alone." She requested. The next morning in a text to Splitter. "It's over. I thought I could trust you. But you took advantage of me."

He wailed. Called and texted her. But no response. Called Shahanna to plead and tell her how sorry he was. But she didn't listen, even after making her a promise that he would get married to her. Still, it didn't change anything. Two years along the line, Rose got married to Chad. He was what she wanted. This time, she remembered all her mother had taught her. Submission, love, care. Rose was all. After she gave birth to her first child, all hell broke loose. Things changed. Emotional torture, depression, marks, and pains all over her body were all she experienced. She called her mother. Mother said, "He's a man. With time he will come to his senses. Just keep doing your wifely duties."

She obeyed her mother. While she looked tattered and unkept, as far as her home was concerned, she still cared for her home and her child, Chris. On one fateful evening, he came home looking sweaty with bruises all over his face. Though, she wasn't in the sitting room when he stepped in. But she heard the sound of the door bang. Then she rushed out. Behold, here was Chad, her husband. Holding tightly to his stomach like they were going to come out of his body soon. He staggered like someone who was close to his grave. The next minute, he was on the floor, vomiting. He couldn't utter a word. He tried. Still, not a word. She wailed and cried. No one heard her cry. The same woman who had lived a lonely life while married is about to live a lonely life forever. Perhaps she would settle with the most real Mr. Perfect. It won't be easy. Not at all. He gave up the ghost in her arms. She wept.

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