Mum Is Away

A young boy who lost his Mum from an early age and can't seem to forget every of her impact on him, so much so that he misses her dearly

It's been two decades since I last felt your touch and watched you smile at me. Grandma said you were going to return; she said you just had to go visit heaven, so there'd be plenty of bedtime stories to tell when you return.

I was at Aunty Bella's house the other day, and I watched how she laughed and played with my cousins, then suddenly I remembered you. I remembered your funny jokes, and my vision got blurry with tears.

I saw how other kids in school came to be received by their mums with a pack of love and smiles, a young boy from class had a pet name from his mum, and then I suddenly remembered how you usually mention my name just to get me to feel better whenever I failed a test.

Mum, I have been waiting a long time now, when are you returning? I have tons of things to tell you, I want to hear you call my name, and I want to watch you smile at me again.

I asked Grandma for permission to come to say hello and bring you some of your favorite magazines, but she vehemently refused. She said she would not be able to cope if I went too. She also said you would like me to stay around so I could tell the stories you couldn't tell because you left so quickly.

Mummy, I want you to know that I feel your love for me every day, even in your absence. Stay safe, mum.

Your beloved sonđź’”

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