Mummy Where Are You?

When mothers are absent, a child's future is at risk...Hanna, a beautiful 17 years old girl, is the only child of Mr/Mrs. Wilfred. Both were government workers but hardly had time for their daughter Hannah.

They leave very early in the morning and come back very late, sometimes when Hannah has gone to sleep. Though they provide her with everything she wants but that is not just all that is needed from her parents. Hannah grew up without a cordial relationship with her mother and father; she only had her friends in school to talk to.

When Hannah turned 17, she was already in SS2 and had been a very cheerful and beautiful young girl; the boys never took their eyes off her. They would always approach her on different occasions. Her friends advised her to pick one of those boys, but she refused. She never wanted anything that would disturb her studies.

This continued for a very long time, and she decided to talk to her mum about it. When she got home that day, she had to wait for her mum since she didn't come home on time. She waited and waited till almost 10 pm. "Good evening, mum," Hannah greeted. "Hannah, you are still awake," Her mum responded as she tiredly sat on the couch. "Yes, welcome, mum. How was work today" She asked. "As hectic as always. Your dad, is he back?" Her mum replied. "No" "Ok then, I need to go upstairs and take a shower then eat something; I am really tired," Her mum said as she picked up her bag and headed to her room. "Ok, mum"

Hannah had to wait for her mum to freshen up, and when she guessed that she must have been through, she went straight to her mum's room. "Mum, are you done?" Hannah asked as she knocked on the door. "Yes, I am. Is there a problem?" She answered from inside. Hannah quietly opened the door, went inside, and sat beside her mum. "Shouldn't you be asleep by now? Why are you still awake?" Hannah's mum asked."Yes, but there is something I want to ask you," Hannah said. "Ask me, by this time, can't it wait?" She bombarded her with questions.

"It's very important, mum," Hannah said. "But I just got back from work; the day has been very hectic for me. We should just leave this discussion another time," Hannah's mum replied and laid down on the bed. "Just a few minutes please," Hannah pleaded. "Hannah, please, I need some rest. Just leave it over the weekend" "Ok, mum, goodnight," Hannah answered sadly and left the room. "I guess she must be really tired; I will just have to wait till the weekend," She mumbled to herself. Hannah patiently waited till the weekend. She tried all she could to get her mum to spare her a few minutes of her time, but her mum was either working with one file or the other. This went on for days till Hannah got tired and frustrated.

She became angry and decided to go with her friend's opinion. She decided to date a guy named Kingsley, who had been disturbing her for a long time. After being in the relationship for some weeks, Kingsley requested sex from her; knowing fully well that her parents would never give her the attention she needed, she went to her friends for their opinion. Of course, they advised her to do just as Kingsley said, and she gladly obliged. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months. Hannah began to notice some changes in her body, changes that she couldn't explain what they actually were. She fell ill, and her mother had to take her to the hospital. There it was confirmed that she was pregnant. Mrs. Wilfred was heartbroken and disappointed in her daughter for bringing such shame into their family.

After a few days, when Hannah had regained herself, her mom called her into the room and began to scold her. "Hannah, so this is the school we sent you to to get pregnant at 17?" She questioned angrily, throwing the test result to Hannah. Hannah picked it up and was very shocked, but then she was also very angry because her mum was never there for her. "Hannah, I am so disappointed in you," Mrs. Wilfred yelled. "And I am more disappointed in you, mum; you never gave me the attention when I needed it. You never acted as my mum, and you were never there for me," Hannah shouted at her mum for the first time. Mrs. Wilfred couldn't utter any word; she vividly knew that all that the young girl was saying was all true.

Hannah angrily left the house in tears, she went straight to Kingsley and told him everything, but he denied ever having anything to do with her. She pleaded and pleaded with him, but it was all in vain. After several pleas and crying, she dejectedly went back home. When Mr. Wilfred heard the news, he couldn't even bring herself to scold Hannah; he knew very well that he also failed in his duty as a father. Hannah had to drop out of school, and she was due for labor after a few months. She was taken to the hospital, and the nurses attended to her."Mummy, where are you?" She shouted very loudly when the labor became unbearable for her. A few hours later, she was delivered with a bouncing baby boy. They were all happy, and she was happy too, but deep down, she was sad, knowing fully well that her future and her dreams were already at stake, and she hated her parents dearly for that.


Please, as a mother, as a father, no matter how busy you are, always spare a few hours to listen to your children. Ask them necessary questions and know where to help them as parents. Don't always wait for them to come; you call them occasionally. Their future matters a lot.

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