My 5 Key Pieces Of Advice For Youths In The 21st Century

With the increasing need for the youths to make valuable use of the internet and social world to secure a future for themselves, here is a list of my 5 pieces of advice for them.

1. Be smart and go wherever the cash is.

Most times, people are too uncomfortable. You have to do whatever it takes to become financially stable. Emeka Nobis often tells the story of how he left the Oil industry to go into personal development, Tutoring, and book sales.

It takes guts to do that. If you’re not daring enough, you’d never know what opportunities are ahead for you. Make research, study patterns, and learn from those that have seemingly found a working plan.

2. Put your passion asides for now

One mistake I made in my early years of writing was that I only wanted to do it for passion. Well, I’m happy to tell you that I’m still broke. Until you realize there’s a goldmine inside you that you can monetize, you’d spend the best part of your years entertaining people and not getting anything in return.

I was talking with a teen friend of mine yesterday who writes, part of what I told her was her niche would not fetch her anything unless she changes it to better suit the corporate world; she’d only be entertaining people. Memists, Humorists, those your contents could be better harnessed to fetch you something reasonable. Leave cruise; think business.

3. You can get the job you hate to pay your bills

I see people these days saying things like, “I can never work for anybody.” My dear, do away with that thought. Like port Harcourt slang, die it! There’s no crime in working for someone. That your talent of today, you need money to push it.

As a blogger, you need money to push your blog. Your blog won’t start earning overnight. If you think I’m lying, ask accomplished bloggers like Michael Ace. He will tell you how far.

If you’re intentional about your growth, you’d realize that you actually require capital to get started. And don’t get me started about one angel blessing you. Work! Get something doing.

4. It is not always about what you want

Many times, we make the mistake of wanting to give people what we feel they need instead of learning what they want. One man I’ve learned from in recent times is MrProf Victor Ehiogu. As someone who likes to study people and patterns, I’ve always paid attention to how he creates content around what his audience resonates with. He can post 20 times a day, and out of 20, you can easily relate with at least 18.

One time, a friend on Facebook told me about how she could not sell her products. She was into pimping cars and fancy accessories for cars. 80% of her audience here on Facebook were teenagers between the ages of 16-and 23, and all of them were either undergraduates or aspiring students. Wrong audience.

I told her it is not about what she wanted at this point; it is about the audience that bests fits her. What you sell is not even for business people and family men. No. Those people don’t put flashy designs in cars. Target those big boys. It is the best market for you.

5. Well, there’s no number 5, actually

But you can tell me what you think about these tips and also share them with your friends. Cut soap for them if you like this article.

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