My Bitter Sweet Experience

Sarah's life was about to take a new turn as she just relocated to a new environment and she was about to start at a new school filled with rich and arrogant kids. Would Sarah a timid albino girl survive the experience??

The next morning as early as 5:30 am, Mrs. Adekoya woke Sarah up; they had their family devotion, and Sarah went to take her to bathe then she wore a black top on a jean trouser, the top had an inscription "I am powerful" Sarah chuckled while she wore the cloth because she was the exact opposite of what was written, then she proceeded to the kitchen to assist her mom in preparing a quick and light breakfast of tea, bread, and egg. 

Mrs. Adekoya drove Sarah to Crystal High, and all through the journey, Sarah was lost in thoughts. Minutes later, they arrived at the school they immediately proceeded to the administration block. Mrs. Adekoya met Mrs. George, the principal, who said Sarah would have to take an entrance test that day before being admitted; Sarah was later led to the computer room where she took the entrance test. The test comprised of maths and English questions; without wasting much time, Sarah was done, and she submitted; she just had to wait for her test results.

She went back home and wrote the day's experience in her diary.* ( Crystal High School female toilet) Christine was bullied by some SS3 female students. These senior girls called themselves the Pretty Divas Gang, PDG for short; they were the richest and most influential girls at Crystal High; their parents were members of the board at Crystal, so they always took laws into their hands.

Evelyn, Maria, and Gloria were the PDG girls; they were bullying Christine by forcing her to flush the toilet after they messed it up. Well, they gave Christine and some other girls trouble because they wanted them to carry on the PDG group when they left. Christine was kneeling, faced down, and spitting out the remnant of blood in her mouth after she was terribly slapped by Evelyn. Christine heard some girls groaning in the other toilet blocks; they were definitely receiving their lots from Maria and Gloria. Evelyn pulled Christine's hair to face her up. She sternly warned Christine, saying if you want this torture to stop, just join the PDG group because if you refuse to cooperate, we have some of our members in SS2. They would continue torturing you till you give in to our demand, and don't you dare tell Jason about it else, we'd make your life a living hell.

Crystal High was Christine's dream school, she had a dream to fulfill, and she was at her destination, she couldn't report the PDG girls because of their influence, but she had that conviction that she was going to push through. Authors note: Crystal High was a den of high-standard education and brutal bullying. Some teachers were aware of the bullying but couldn't speak up because of fear. Would Christine survive the bullying, or would she die in the hands of the PDG girls?????

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