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It's all about politics of my dear country and how one should embrace peace when making his or her choices known.

Politics is an activity that involves interaction between two or more people. It's the process of knowing more about people, their interactive capabilities, and to some extent, human relations. Politics is the process of making decisions that apply to group members. It refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance, organization, and control over a human community, particularly a state. 

Does politics entail and portray the popular axiom that goes thus: "Politics is a dirty game." Is it actually a dirty game? All in the name of playing politics, is it necessary to kill our fellow humans? Does politics bring about enmity? Does it embrace war instead of peace? Does it mean, at all cost, we must play it with bitterness? Must your political choice affect my own choice to the extent of keeping each other at arm's length? Why must politics break the family apart? Some believe that politics is all about making your stand known regardless of how you do it?; many questions embedded around politics are so diverse that we can't contain it all in just simply writing. Politics is one of the best activities that ever occur in human life. Why are you afraid to make you're positing known when it comes to the issue of politics? The nagging issue on the ground is what is the ideal nature behind politics and how your choice serves as an instrument in political activities toward the survival of the next generations.

Politics is all about making a choice; you are at liberty to make your choice in political activities. My choice needs to be respected, and this also goes for every individual. You have got your will to make a change in the political arena of your country with your choice. My choice, your choice is the collective ideas/activities that gave birth to politics; knowing your choice and working toward it is the best thing you can offer to the smooth running of the governmental process of your country. Must you abuse one for making his or her choice? Why don't you make your choice and stick to it? Some make a choice (s) but cannot ascertain their choice's efficacy vividly. Some even forget the origin of their choice. Know one thing every choice you make today will find its way to you tomorrow. Sooner or later, you have to eat and consume what you have previously made (choices).

The forgetful nature choice of some people can be traced to a lack of verse political awareness about myopic thinking faculty toward politics. This set of people is normally the criticizing type who found joy and satisfaction in condemning one's choice or position but with verse failure on their part. They have no substantial choice but rather go about creating havoc on the political scene with their myopic thinking. My choice, your choice, in playing politics in our dear country, must the end product always be bitter? Is that what Politics entail? Must we create war, enmity, and all forms of negative vices to make our choice known? Of course, the answer is NO. Ascertaining that politics is a dirty game is a bit awkward, and I will say it's a lack of proper political awareness that brought forth such perspective. The notion has rendered the vast majority of people not involved in politics not to talk about making their choice in Politics. 

Lack of understanding makes it not allow some people to make choices which makes the issue of politics result in war and creates a wing of abuse. The problem of not listening with rapt attention to one's perspective regarding their position is capacitated to term politics as a dirty game; I am not quite surprised that such a thing happened in my dear country, a country where its populace is fed with kleptomaniac lies, some can not even differentiate between it right from left but is making an effort to taunt someone opinion or choice. How can such a person make peace with someone who has already made a stand with his or her family's own choice? If you can't understand your own choice, it will be quite impossible for you to understand others' choices, and the end product will always be a negative vice of politics. You must make peace with your choice before infringing on another choice.

Knowing your own choice will help a lot in knowing and comprehending where others are coming from and predicting where there are heading to. Debating one choice will be less violent and help one see why others make their own choices. Creating enmity will be the last thing to ever happen. By and Large, politics is educative, fun, and worth engaging in if we abide by the rules of the game. Politics is not a dirty game as some portray it. The way it is being practiced gave it that name. My choice, your choice, should be counted and respected in the political arena. Observing the golden rule should be entrenched. No matter how beautiful and yummy your choice looks, always give a listening ear to others before you squash their choices.

Remember, what you alter from your bucal cavity has an effect on someone either directly or indirectly, be mindful of how you use words. Let's embrace peace regardless of our choice(s) in order for us to have a promising future.

I. Usman

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