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My Dating Experience In Secondry School

If your seeing this them you know this is part 2 of the story and for those that don't know please check my page for part 1

So where did I stop...I found out he was dating my friend. The pain I felt was, oh well... Really painful. Luckily, I told no one about my feelings, so I properly hid my pain and my feelings. I thought the best way to avoid any pain was to distance myself from him, but he still kept on coming, and I liked him the more. One time, I went to his class ( they were both classmates. Aspa, I was in art, and he and her were in technical).

I saw him and her both talking and laughing, and yes, I felt jealous and pained, but what could I do? I shifted my attention away from them and did what I came to do in their class before leaving. As I got to my class, I began to talk to my friends while standing. A few seconds later, he came to my class, and he whispered in my ears if I knew how to dance. I was confused, and before I could reply, he took hold of my waist and drew me to him.

What I felt then was undescribable!!. He later spent the prep time with me. I felt guilty cause his girlfriend was my friend, but I still felt happy because.. oh well...

Follow up for part 3 ❤️


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