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My Encounter With A Petroleum Station Attendant

We have been in the queue for an hour and this attendant failed to be fast with things at hand . "Probably her salary hasn't been paid", I thought in my mind.

She couldn't hesitate to exchange invective and vulgar words with the customers that tried to question her tardiness. "wetin concern me, after all, I no want to make my people watch any TV for a hostel when I dey wash my clothes for a balcony," I said faintly to myself while I continue playing with my 5 liters keg. A few minutes later, a black sports car drove into the petroleum station while everybody in the queue kept a beady eye on the car. We were still engrossed with the glance when a lady with a formidable gait came out struttingly like the queen of England, making a primp on her hair with her iPhone 13 pro max.

Indeed, this girl belongs to the sissy group of Jezebel's daughters. Aside from her sexy look, she had a flirtatious look that could make you think she wanted something from you on sight. I tried to wonder why a beautiful lady like her would be showing God's gift unnecessarily. who knows if it's not God-given because the surgeon can also give lady those backyards too. " Oga oya oo, abi nah yansh you con look for petroleum station," the female attendant vociferated at me. Imagine the eyes that set on me immediately. Of course, the daughter of Jezebel laughed up her sleeves. I believed she took pride in someone's looking at her irresistible backyard.

"Shey na your flat tyre you expect make I dey watch" - I asked the attendant tactfully, and everyone behind me laughed boisterously like a pack of hyena. Her face was already contorted with fury, and she looked at me as if I were her waste product. " Comrade pass Comrade ooo, if you near erm you go collect wotowoto," the guy living beside my hostel who also came to buy fuel said arrogantly while everyone burst into another derisory laughter. In fact, I think those people have been waiting for my come back.

" No worry, I don mark your face," she said with not much ardor like a kid whose biscuit has just been stolen. I left the filling station for my hostel, which was five-building away from the station. I narrated what happened to my friends, and all that I got from them was - " Agba!! Boss!! You mad o!! See as you give erm uppercut!!. I used the moment to feel myself like a comrade wey gets violence suya for hand. "Wait! I can't find my phone in my pocket again", I puzzled. My head was light as a bag of cotton immediately; I remembered I had dropped my phone with the lady I violated at the filling station.

Ahh! so I will have to beg this flat - tyre now. My friend was already laughing at my mumu, and all I could do is to sit down and think of my next action. " Dem don gives pedia wotowoto," my friend called Sulaiman said, tickling me. I went back to the petroleum station but couldn't see the lady there again. The other attendants told me she went to sell her phone to one Aboki in the market. It was then I realized that flat tyre literally went to sell my own phone, not hers. I waited for some minutes, then saw this girl with a new MP 3 vibing to BUGA by Kiss Daniel. "Wait !! This one dey buga with my phone money", I asked myself.

"Do you help me see Tecno spark here, ma?" I asked in a humble voice. "No, sir, I didn't even see a back cover," she replied to me with a grin on her face. "Ahhh! Temibami !! Wetin I go tell Mama when we finish semester Lai dis", I bemoaned, heading to my hostel. Since that day, my lovely flat- tyre attendant has always laughed anytime she sees me going. Na she gimme uppercut.

A fictional anecdote

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