My Encounter With Me From The Future.

My future self who had met his future self came with a story...

Walking down the street in the cold breeze of the morning, basking in the euphoria of the golden rays of the little yellow morning sun, the birds singing their songs of thanksgiving, and the tree dancing in a blissful rivalry for seeing a new day. Coming towards me was a man whose face I had never seen in the neighborhood. He looked so different from other men around, both in stature and personality. He staggered as he walked his way toward me.

As he walked, I observed something odd about this helpless fellow. The way he looked at me, I saw through his eyes that his heart was full of bitterness. Gnashing his teeth in what I presumed to be anger, he walks straight up to me. And with each step he took, his face lit up with anger.

Dressed in rags, looking shabby and looking so unkempt. From the scent emanating from him, it's obvious that it has been a while since he last took his bath. The energy with which he walks betrayed him, exposing the fact that it has been a while since he mesmerized his stomach with something that could generate energy in him. He looks so poor both in resources and in knowledge. He doesn't look like someone who had an iota of faith in God. He looks helpless. He is miserable, but above all, he looks hopeless.

"Hey," I said to him when it was but a few yards between us. He looked at me curiously before responding."Hey," he said to me."You are not from around here. Who are you, and where are you from?" I asked without saying anything; he sighed and looked for a stone upon which he sat and beckoned on me to do the same. He brought out something from his pocket that looked like a piece of paper and handed it to me. My body was numb as I saw myself and the man posed in a photograph. The most astonishing thing is this, the dress with which we took the photo was the same dress that is on us. Fascinating right? I flipped the photograph and saw something written on it. "Me and Me from the future"

Shocked! a little bit perturbed, and with my hands shaking, I slowly handed the photo to him. I said nothing, but I ensured that the way I looked at him had sent a message to him. A message that says, 'I need an explanation because I'm already confused.'He looked at me and began to say: "I am very surprised that a time will come when my past cannot recognize his future. I never wish for this moment to come; even when I do, I always think that with just a glance, you will recognize me. Wait, is it that the resembles not so clearly?"

I looked at him closely and realized that true to his words, this was me sitting in front of me. But still, I can't bring it upon myself to believe that this is how my future will turn out to be. I mean, just look at me; a guru by nature, a prolific writer, a futuristic undergraduate. I'm full of potential, and I can see opportunities smiling at me. But look at what is in front of me. No! Certainly not! There is no way I can be this. No! It is impossible. As if the 'acclaimed' me from the future knew what my thoughts were. He looked at me, smiled, and said, "You know I was here before, right?" 

He continues, "I know exactly what your thoughts are because they were once upon a time my thoughts. I was here with myself just as we are now. Sadly, I had come to reiterate what he had told me when I was you. I pray you'll listen to me so that perhaps this endless loop of time will come to an end. Listen carefully and heed these words. He began: "A few years back, when I was about your age. No, I was the same as your age. I had an encounter with this strange man who told me that he was me but from the future. I can still remember how he pitifully looked at me. His eyes were full of regret, and I could see hopelessness in him just as I know you are seeing now. This man, the strange man, started by telling me that no matter what happens, I must never lose faith in God. He told me that the affairs of my life are within my jurisdiction. Things extrinsic that may seem to be controlling my affairs in life are but a few. Therefore, I must take responsibility. Taking the mandate and becoming intentional and purposeful about my life.

He further urges me to go after knowledge. 'Alas!' He had said, 'it won't be easy. For a time will come when all those around you will have no regard for knowledge. They will despise wisdom. But you, oh dear me, must brace yourself and do away with that mindset.' Lastly, he said to me, "No matter what, never let anyone or anything discourages you. Work on your goals. Never be ashamed of the truth. Live a life of chastity, pure in thoughts and action. Give as much as you can and Love as long as you can breathe." With those words, he stood up and walked into the shadows, and I never saw him again." I never heed any of his advice.

In fact, I lived my life contrary to them. Now, look at me, dressed in rags with no hope. Not even for the future. I may not be as advanced as he is in knowledge. Nonetheless, I believe I have done the best I can by telling you how I was told to live my life. The world is not what it seems to be; you must be careful." After reiterating these words, 'me' from the future escaped back into the shadows of the future where he came from, and he alone knows the demons he will face. Will he be able to defeat them? I think that should be amongst the least of my worries because the cause of my future has already been set before me. If I must avert becoming who I just saw, then I must...


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