My Eve

First moment I set my eyes on you; Just like the sun; Light up the earth; You changed the whole decor with your stupendous beauty;

First moment I set my eyes on you,
Just like the sun,
Light up the earth,
You changed the whole decor with your stupendous beauty,
You're brighter than the moon,
You're the girl of my dream.

Out of million, you stand eminent as one,
Sunshine I look into your eyes,
What I see is paradise,
You allure my soul with your beauteous eyes.

I sacrifice all my heart to you,
You're beautiful the way you are,
I promise I will fall a thousand times for you,
My heartbeat counts the clouds for you,
You quench my fire with your cool smile.

I feel different every time when
I hear your heart pound,
the love I have for you is unbreakable love,
I promised to be your Adam forever.

Your word so soft
My soul in exhilaration
I promise will never hurt you with love,
Your lips taste better than honey.

Rewriting my love ( in) my Eternal ink.
Hearing your melodious voice reawakens my dead intestines.
Beauty fades away but my love for you will never fade.

My mysterious ink bleed your beauty
Even till death tear(s) apart.
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